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Filmygod is one of the many websites on the internet that has made downloading free videos a lot easier and more fun. Filmygod has just recently created some versions of their website where they’re listed as the number one website for 500MB and unlimited 1GB video files. They also have a huge array of other movies for internet users that are either pirated or illegal. Their movies include movies that are known for their high quality, as well as classics that most people enjoy.

Filmygod’s official website does not include any information regarding the legality or illegality of their programs. The only thing that they say about the software in their website is that it’s “highly recommended for use in your own personal computer/laptop as a privacy protection and security tool”. Based on this, one can assume that Filmygod’s program would probably allow people to pirate copyrighted materials and create copies of them. It would be highly illegal for Filmygod to knowingly promote this type of activity, yet they still allow people to do so by allowing users to connect to their VPN service.

Although Filmygod offers an excellent service that provides a lot of web sites for free and has no major problems that could prevent them from continuing their expansion into the future. They are still a relatively new company and may still find some legal difficulties. However, the business model is sound and if you are someone who enjoys watching online film or music, you should definitely give Filmygod a try. If not, there’s no harm done and you will likely still enjoy all the other web sites that are available to you for free. In India, where this type of service is gaining in popularity, there is little doubt that Filmygod is in for a big future.

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