Five Environmental Factors That Affect Health

Environmental factors have a lot of effects on your health. The air you breathe in and the road you drive on have a significant influence, which is why it is a worry for us. There is growing climatic change on our planet, and there are many ways our environment can impact our physical and mental health. Environment experts like Hamza Mbareche Toronto are deeply concerned about the safety of the environment and employees.

This article will discuss the five environmental facts according to experts that affect our health. So, without any further wait, take a look at the facts below.

Five Environmental Factors That Affect Mental Health

Environmental health specialists have proven that our environment can impact not only our physical but also our mental. Check out the facts below.

● Chemical Safety

Many chemicals are harmful to our health, and they are spread all over the environment due to the existence of factories and chemical smoke. Humans get exposed to these foreign substances and dangerous chemicals daily, and it can cause many health issues in the long run. It is essential to minimize the impact of these chemicals on health and prevent the exploration of these tops in the environment. It is a significant concern in the world today. According to the World Health Organization, more than 1 million were reported in the year 2016, all of this word due to the exposure to chemicals present in the environment.

● Air Pollution

Air pollution is a primary Environmental concern nowadays, and most cities worldwide are affected. Air pollution is a significant health concern for the public because of climatic change. Our environment is not only polluted by gasses but also by liquid. These emissions are primarily from vehicle exhaust and factory chimneys. Air pollution affects the health of human beings because it causes different types of dangerous allergies and even asthma.

● Microbes

Microbes are also called microorganisms, and humans cannot see them from the naked eye because they can only be seen under a microscope. Millions of microbes exist in our environment, and they can hurt human health. These microbes affect the immune system as well as the digestive system. Microorganisms are dangerous because they can also survive on water bodies as they can be airborne. An example of a disease caused by microorganisms is food poisoning, which is caused by a type of bacteria found in the environment.

● Climate Change

Climate change is a significant concern and a huge environmental issue, but still, many people do not believe in it. It is one of the biggest natural disasters and affects the physical health of humans. Climate changes are caused by increases in temperature and frequent heavy rain in many different parts of the world. Due to climate change, we face frequent natural disasters and the destruction of homes.

● Bad Water Quality

Clean water is a privilege in today’s world, and not everyone has access to clean drinking water. One-third of the world’s population does not have access to proper sanitation and bathrooms. This also results in a lack of good water quality and increased waste and pollution.


Human health and the environment are deeply related because the environment directly affects humans. Take a look at the five significant environmental facts that impact humans in today’s world. Don’t forget to seek help from Hamza Mbareche in this regard.

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