Frequently Occurring Plastic Surgery Complications 

Every year people spend millions of dollars on plastic surgeries. While some undergo these treatments because of an unfortunate incident, others might not be satisfied with the neutral face structure. Plastic surgery malfunctions are one of the most common types of malpractice seen, and several people file lawsuits against doctors because of unsatisfactory outcomes. Even though doctors are well-trained and qualified, they might make inevitable mistakes due to negligence or any other reason. 

In some cases, the patient might face severe bruises or permanent damage due to the wrong procedure. In the case of breast augmentation by Contour Clinics, the team pride themselves on putting extra precautions in place to avoid any complications after surgery. Nevertheless, if you are struggling with a failed plastic surgery or a doctor’s negligence, you must find a plastic surgery malpractice Lawyer in Atlanta as soon as possible. 

Frequently occurring plastic surgery complications. 

  • Hematoma 

Hematoma is one of the side effects of plastic surgery, where blood clots form, resulting in injuries and bruises in the patient. The most common occurrence of Hematoma is seen in breast surgeries, where patients experience these clits and go through excruciating pain. 

Another joint plastic surgery where Hematoma occurs is facelifts. Patients experience certain clots forming on their faces where the injection is applied. However, Hematoma in facelift procedures is more frequently seen in men than women. 

These types of blood clots are a potential risk in all plastic surgeries. The spot treatment of these clots is to drain the excess blood from the area, but this is only done in cases with rapid growth in lump or blood formation. 

  • Losing blood 

Most plastic surgeries cause some amount of blood loss in a patient. However, controlling blood loss during treatment is crucial, as a large amount of blood leaving the body can cause catastrophic results. The massive blood loss can result in a sudden drop in blood pressure which can be life-threatening to the patient. 

Another risk factor considering blood loss is if it happened during the surgery in front of the doctor and their team, they might be able to control the situation. However, sometimes there are cases where internal bleeding occurs post-surgery. This can harm the patient and increase the complication much more. 

  • Seroma 

Seroma is a painful medical condition that causes swelling and irritation to the patient. Sometimes when a plastic surgery treatment does not turn out well, the serum or the sterile body fluid inside your skin gets trapped beneath the surface, which is the reason for Seroma. 

While this particular condition can occur in any plastic surgery, it is most commonly seen in fat-reducing procedures around your stomach.  

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