FSSAI categorization of licenses and their requirement

FSSAI licenses or registration is the permission by the FOOD SAFETY STANDARDS AUTHORITY OF India, commonly known as FSSAI authority of India, government authority that comes under the ministry of health. All the food business owners from petty multinational hotel industrialists need to obtain the FSSAI license, as only after that will they be allowed to sell any food item. FSSAI registration is of various categories depending upon the annual turnover of the company, nature of the business, production capacity, etc.

Every food business owner who is involved in the food business in India need to acquire an FSSAI license, and now under food license, there are three different types of FSSAI registration:

  • FSSAI Basic registration: petty food sellers whose business size is smaller and for any new startups, the annual turnover of the business is up to 12 lakhs could apply for basic registration of FSSAI,
  • FSSAI State license: state FSSAI license is required to obtain whose annual turnover is above Rs 12 lacks and less than or equal to Rs 20 crores. Manufacturing food business operators whose daily production capacity is 2 metric tonnes would need to have an FSSAI state license.
  • FSSAI central license: this is required for the businesses when annual turnover is above INR 20 crore and production capacity greater than metric tone daily. FSSAI Central license is also mandatory to apply if the food business is an exporter/ importer/ having any E-commerce platform. FSSAI license consultant in Delhi helps to get the license easily.

Businesses that need FSSAI registration from FSSAI

  • Petty producers, manufacturing units by itself
  • Food businesses like distributors, wholesalers, retailers, suppliers, hawkers, canteens, hotels, dhabas, restaurants, storage, food vending, hawkers, and cold storage facilitators with an annual turnover of less than Rs. 12 lakh, between 12 lakh to 20 crore
  • Businesses like cottage industries associated with food items
  • Shifting food stalls
  • Stall or food vendors around any religious gathering, social places, other than a caterer
  • Processing unit or production of vegetable oil by the method of solvent extraction and refineries that include oil expeller system, having the capacity that provides not greater than 100kg per lt per day
  • The dairy unit, which involves collecting/ handling/ procurement/ chilling of milk, has the capacity of less than 500lt daily or up to 2.5 metric tons of milk solid yearly.
  • Processing and oil production units of vegetable oil by the process of solvent extraction and refineries including oil expeller unit having a turnover of Rs 12 lack to 20 crores yearly
  • A slaughtering capacity of less than 2 large animals, or 50 poultry birds or 10 small animals daily
  • A hotel of 4 stars or lea rating needs an FSSAI registration.
  • Storage has a capacity of less than 50,000 metric tonnes annually or with a capacity of greater than 50,000 metric tonnes.
  • 100% export-oriented factor processing or production
  • Food processing units include repacking, with a capacity of a minimum 100 kg/Lt to up to 2 metric tones.
  • FSSAI Importers license including the import of food ingredients or any additive

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