Fun Things You Didn’t Know About Air Track Mats

You might think you know everything there is to know about air track mat, but it’s likely you’ve never come across these facts before! Air track mats are a great way to make an indoor play space for kids that’s safe and fun, but there are plenty of other perks that most people don’t even realize. These facts will help you understand how air track mats can be such an amazing addition to your home!

They go anywhere

While many kids enjoy bouncing in a backyard trampoline, there is no telling how safe that equipment is. Alternatively, inflatable mats are easy to transport and can fit in any home or event venue. Due to their compact size, they do not require much space when being stored. The fact that they can be easily deflated makes them more convenient for moving around compared to a traditional trampoline. Also, since you don’t need a permanent setup for an air track mat it’s perfect for both backyard parties and trips to grandmas house. Setup is fast and easy with just an electric pump and most kids can do it by themselves! Enjoy hours of fun from sunrise until sunset with your favorite inflatable air track mat at home or on vacation!

Fewer injuries than on conventional mats

If you’re looking for a workout program that will help you shed those pounds and improve your fitness level, many people make use of aerobics mats when they are at home. Air track mats are designed to provide a soft surface on which individuals can perform various types of exercise, and these air flooring products are an excellent way to enhance workout sessions. In addition to keeping athletes from suffering injuries, air track mats also reduce fatigue, which makes them particularly suitable for long workouts. Additionally, in case someone is working out with bare feet on an air mat, it’s easy to adjust its firmness via inflating or deflating it.

Used by Olympians

Gymnasts and track-and-field athletes train on air tracks for a variety of reasons. For one, they’re portable and can be used outside to work on footwork skills. But in addition to training, air tracks are also used by some elite athletes as part of their training regiment. High jumper Blanka Vlasic, an Olympic silver medalist from Croatia, began using a 20-meter (66 ft) track at age 17 after winning gold at a World Youth Championship in 1999. She went on to reach her best ever height of 2.06 meters (6 ft 9 in) when she was 23 years old and credited her success partially to having trained on an air track since she was younger.

Multiple colors and sizes are available

Deciding on a budget should be first on your list when shopping for air track mats. After that, you can decide what size of mat you need and what colors will look best in your room. If you’re not sure where to start or don’t have much space to work with, start small with a 24×24-inch mat and then choose from our other sizes down the road. It’s easy to get everything rolling once you’ve decided how big of an area you need and how many different colors fit into your budget.

They can be customized with graphics or text

The mat itself is already eye-catching, but you can make it even more special by adding your company logo or a personal message. This is great for promotional purposes and will ensure that each customer remembers you when they use their product. If your logo is too big to fit on an individual mat, consider buying a banner for your company to hang at events. This works especially well if you plan on using mats as giveaways and want people to remember where they came from!

BPA free

If you’re shopping for an air track mat, you might see some products claiming to be BPA free. That’s important because BPA (Bisphenol A) is an industrial chemical that has been linked to serious health issues, like cancer and reproductive problems. Unfortunately, it’s very common in many plastic products, especially those that include water or are exposed to a lot of heat. Before you buy an air track mat, make sure it’s truly BPA free by checking on the packaging—or contacting customer service if there aren’t any labels available. Always check before giving your kids toys made from plastic; they could be putting themselves at risk with each bite or drink they take while playing.

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Versatile designs

Unlike traditional exercise mats, these air track mats can be used for everything from yoga to Pilates. The mat features an inflatable design that makes it ideal for a variety of exercises and provides support when you need it most. This design also allows users to add their own weight or resistance. The air track mat’s compact size makes it easy to transport so you can exercise wherever you like! This mat is great for anyone looking to stay active, including those with limited mobility or experience in physical activity.

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