Getting more information about stone coated roofing tiles

If you are considering replacing your roof, then you might have heard of stone roof tiles. They are steel roofing products made through galvanization of aluminum zinc alloy. This makes them a rust proof. You will find other people refering them as Zinc Alu steel coated tiles.

Most homeowners have to decide on which type of roof material to purchase for their homes. They want a design and style that will bring something new and better in appearance. They also want a roof that will stand up all conditions and live for a long time without damage. Well, that is none other but the modern stone coated roofs. Check out their benefits as listed below.

1. Beautiful and improves property value

The classic tiles are available in a wide range of bright or natural colors, textures and designs. You can make your own choice on the appearance and style of your roof. The beautiful appeal and stylish look can work wonders on your home. Most homebuyers consider a nice roof as a big selling point.

2. Longevity

If installed correctly, the roofing tiles can last for a long time because they are composed of steel which has a long life span 40-50 years. They live for decades without damage hence a major investment in the long term development of houses.

3. Easy to install

They are extremely lightweight, hence easy to install. They can be place directly on top of an existing roof therefore speeding up installation process. This reduces cost by skipping tearing off and for disposal of old materials. They are also strong enough to be molded into various designs without altering the strength of the tile tensile.

4. Durability

They are great because they offer durability. Stoned coated roofing tiles are made up of complete interlocking panels and are strong to warp, crack or break. They can withstand adverse weather conditions such as driving rain and high wind pressures over 120 mph.

5. Energy efficiency.

During the summer it gets hot and there can be conduction of heat in to the home. Metal roofing has heat resistant characteristics that reflects heat from the sun rather than absorbing it. This keeps your home cool and reduce the energy cost needed to prevent it from ultraviolet rays.

6. Eco friendly

The roofing tiles can be recycled fully and won’t need to be degraded. They are also made up of stone granules and acrylic primer which are environmental friendly. The roofs can be used to harvest rain for domestic use. This saves cost used on water bills.

7. Low maintenance

Most roof have to be checked regularly to keep them in a good condition. The roofing tiles are maintenance free since they can cop up with poor weather conditions. As a home owner, you do not have to keep replacing shingles and repairing roofs because they are strong to break. This eliminates repair cost.


If you are in the market and want to choose the best roof, then stone coated roofs are for you. These roofing systems offer extreme strength and remain durable evenin the harshest climate. They also provide classic beauty which is attractive to a lot of people. Check more on Colourful roofing.

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