Gun Lake Casino Lifts Mask Mandate

Starting from 8:00 am on February 22, 2022, guests at Gun Lake Casino will no longer be required to wear masks. The management will also allow food and drinks at the gambling tables.

Gun Lake Casino made this announcement on Monday, 21, 2022, in line with its Play It Safe policies recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) office in Michigan. The policy is also in line with The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services recommendations.

The casino was one of the facilities that were most affected by the Covid 19 rules published in 2020 that led to nationwide lockdowns. During the lockdown, the casino’s loyal clients continued gambling at PlayGunLake, Gun Lake’s online casino.

As the USA citizens wait for an update by CDC on mask guidelines, Gun Lake Casino has not yet lifted its pandemic initiatives, and the following will still be in place.

  • No smoking is allowed in indoors.
  • The poker room remains closed currently.
  • Wipes for sanitizing as still available.
  • Alcohol-based sanitizers are still available.
  • Those who choose to wear masks will get them for free.
  • Electrostatic cleaning on sensitive areas will remain.

The current Covid-19 status continues to decline nationwide and Michigan has recently recorded very minimal cases. Many institutions and businesses in Michigan are returning to the way of life people were used to before the pandemic struck. A lot of schools in west Michigan are no longer enforcing the mandatory mask requirements.

The Gun Lake’s Play It Safe Initiative resulted from the casino’s efforts to ensure its customers and staff were safe and healthy during the pandemic. The initiative will continue to work tirelessly on its mission, ensuring that no guest or worker will suffer an injury while within the facilities.

Although Gun Lake Casino no longer requires its customers and workers to wear masks, it is still promoting and recommending their use but on self-voluntary conditions. The casino first opened its business in February 2011. Its facility then occupied 83 thousand square feet and included 1,400 slot machines.

Last year, Gun Lake Casino spent $100 million to expand its facility by 72 thousand square feet. The expanded facility that was opened in September has more space for live concerts, sports events, and gambling space. The outdoor entertainment space is now bigger. The casino enhanced its exterior features and expanded its dining space with a vision to give high-class services to its customers.


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