Here detail about NFC phase and Park view city

NFC Phase 2

NFC personnel corporative holding society NFCpersonnelassociation housing the publicis located inthe Lahore. The establishmentrepresentativesto the housing society was NFC Workers who supported the Organizationthrough thecontributing to its stake. The NFC Society scene map revealsto it is located near village of SattaKatla. Thisculturehasencircledthrough the Valencia Housing System in Wapda Town, & Industrial University Housing Scheme.


NFC Phase 2hassituated near to the Wapda Town K-two block. Phase onehas well advanced and toall ofthe comforts and amenities of natural life. It has beenhousing plots, industrial plots, parks, cemeteries, and mosque. It is a four Blocks.

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They have many Plots for internship and commercial production, a rest home at 6.6 Canal, and has a culture office.


Block B is a plot of differing sizes, has a mosque, and a park, adding uploveliness to the picture. Moreover Block A & B, there are 2cemeteriesin the green belt up.


NFC society in Lahore map demonstrates that the block includes plots, playgrounds, and has a club at 13.1 Canal.


Block D is aplots, gardensin a significant park, has a mosque. Additionally, College Road passesout of this building block.

If we glancecarefullyhas the NFC phase one map, we go to see that this is Phase includespractically 16,00 plothas avarious sizes varying from fivemarlas to twoKanal. This Society has a simplifies its citizens with the greatestdaily life by offering them every one of the conveniences of living like electrical energy,telephone, water, gas, cable, sewerage, transport method, & security.

About Park View City

Park View City in Lahore has a superior luxury housing civilizationlocated in the emotion. Surrounded by luxurious sea khaki hills and slim the Vegetal Patch, Park View City in Lahore has the connotation of luxury and peacefulness. Its nonviolent views communal with the securityand convenience to the Wealth city that make up it a perfect place to those who understand natural history and need comfort.

Park View City in Lahore is a developing scheme of the Resourcefulness Group. This Thought Group hasestablished in 2012 toprovide by a leadingadvocate of PTI, Mr. Aleem Khan. This experience has recognized a category of human being one of the biggestcelebrated real estate inventers of Pakistan has a less significantamount of money than a time.


Crystal Building block has completelylocated in Park View City. This block of flats has locatedin exactlynext to Tulip overseas block that has tovery an extremely block involved in Park View City. In Lahore Park point of viewisestablishedin the middle ofdouble to the structures of the civilization hasto Platinum building block& Tulip overseas block.

Park View City has beenlocatedinto the Multan Road of Lahore into thefurthestin DHA, to EME society. Thokar Niaz in Lahorehas tojust three kilometer left. This sector is in the districtsin Lahore even if is merelyaccessibleto the Main city in Lahore.

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