Here’s How To Make Your King Mattress Last Longer

King size mattresses are the ideal choice for a spacious room as they are more extensive beds. Replace old ones with a new king size mattress without giving any second thought as they are always of high quality. They enhance sleep to the maximum as the sleeper can relax and stretch to the best of their ability while sleeping. Wakefit king-size beds provide ample space and comfort for people of any size and shape to share their beds with their partners without getting disturbed due to tossing and turning. These beds are the best investment that no one will regret, but they have to be maintained well to make them last longer. Below are the essential steps to be taken to help one care for it better.

Tips to Increase the Shelf Life of a King Size Mattress

All mattresses, including a king-size bed, requires a little care and maintenance to preserve them in their best shape for many years. From cleaning to prevention, there are various other tips and hacks to be religiously followed. On average, a king-size mattress price is comparatively a little higher is designed to last for five to ten years. But when well-maintained, it will lengthen the lifespan to more years. Being aware of the environmental conditions is the first step to have the mattress healthy. The other factors include:

  • Rotating the king-size mattress will allow the air circulation from moving in and out of the bed. It will also prevent damage to the inner springs due to folding. Rotating promotes even wear and reduces the chances of developing depressions in specific spots. This has to be done every two to six months at a degree of 180 and is crucial in the first couple of years to preserve them better.
  • A mattress cover allows the mattress to stay clean and keeps it away from allergens and dust mites. Make use of the best covers that are also easy to wash and dry.
  • The king-size mattress should get enough support with the bed frame, and the support that the bed offers must be robust to prevent most kinds of breaking and folding when they are in use.
  • Aerate the king size mattress now and then by removing the bed covers, too, as it will help promote fresh air to get rid of the foul smell.
  • Restrict kids from playing on the bed by preventing them from jumping and damaging the interior composition of the bed.
  • Would you mind not using harsh detergents and substituting them with either mild detergents or stain removers? Gentle cleansers are also a perfect choice to ensure the fabric and the interior foam are not affected by the chemicals.

How to Care for a King Size Mattress?

There are specific ways to protect the king size mattress by caring for them better, which are:

  • Proper Support

For a king-size mattress, the proper support will help preserve the integrity of materials and reduce the risk of premature wear. The extra support is offered with springs, and in general, spring mattresses are provided with box springs. In contrast, any memory foam mattress online is supplied with enough firm and solid support without the spring itself. Beds with frame and centre support bars are another simple feature to support any heavy mattress. When the user is keener on increasing the life span of a king-size mattress, it is better to check the bed support frequently to prevent any breakage.

  • Make Use of Protectors Right From the Beginning

In order to increase the longevity of the king-size bed, it is best to use waterproof protection to guard them against accidental spills. Protectors that are of high quality will reduce the amount of dirt and dust collection too. Furthermore, these also protect the inner material of the bed from skin oils and sweat and stays good as new for years together.

  • Wash, The Bed, Covers Regularly

The bed linens tend to accumulate dead skin cells, shredded dry sweat particles, and hair. In addition, they get exposed to crumbs and pets hair with improper care due to eating in bed. All of these eventually lead to bacteria breeding spots and also encourages the entry of dust mites. One better way to approach this issue is to designate separate bedding for the pets at home. Most importantly, washing the bed sheets every week is ideal for protecting the mattress from various external rodents and damages.

  • Do Not Encourage Jumping On The Bed

Being hard on any mattress increase the chances of them getting prone to easy damage. Hence it is highly advised not to jump on the bed as it will spoil the spring and its working mechanism. This is very much stressed on an ortho mattress as they will lose their firmness with rough handling.

  • Seal The Mattress While Shifting Places

While moving a mattress, do not forget to protect the king size mattress with encasings in plastic.  If not, avoid folding and bending them to prevent any damage. These will keep dirt and water off the bed and also reduce scratches and scuffs. Another simple hack is to keep the mattress on its sides up to prevent sagging.

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  • Allow Light In Less Frequently

Strip the mattress once every month on a sunny and dry day and allow sunlight to air the bed for at least a few hours. This will get rid of bedbugs and prevent moisture and humidity to the mattress.

Clean a king size mattress regularly to keep both the environment and the bed healthy. Beyond the above-discussed tricks, follow the directions on general cleaning as suggested by the manufacturers. This includes vacuuming them with a hose once every three months and removing the stain with mild soap. Then, properly drying them well before making the bed is the best way to maintain and care for any king-size mattress. Finally, the lifespan depends on different factors, even though the mattress has a warranty factor. Hence it is required to take those extra additional steps to increase its shelf life without any doubts. Keep following and visualise the results for yourself!

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