How do you create an identity?

The logo you choose to use is the mark of the business through whom people recognize the company. You can design it yourself, get it developed by an expert designer or utilize one of the online services to be covered here.

What is the logo?

The logo is thought to be to be one of the most significant components of branding for a company. It establishes a brand’s image, making it easier for consumers to select products and plays a crucial part in communicating. The necessity to create an identity is something that hasn’t been talked about for quite some time.

How do you create a logo online?

Ten to fifteen years ago anyone who wanted to create a logo on himself had no choice but to get an eraser and paper. The process is much more simple. There are numerous online services that offer a broad selection of tools to design logos online.

Some tips for those who want to create their own logo.

What should the logo be? Simple, unique, recognizable, memorable. It should be appreciated not just by the designer however, but also by the people who will be using it. To design an identity:

Be familiar with the fundamentals of psychology color and perception of shapes.

Make use of references as they assist to determine the specifications for your logo

Learn from the examples of great Logos. However, don’t imitate the logos;

Conduct a poll through social networks to determine the preferred choices of the targeted audience

Be sure to stick to category trends, yet at the still be distinctive;

Do not overburden the logo with a ton of details. They reduce memory and make the logo difficult to scale.

In the end. Picking a template, and modifying it slightly does not necessarily mean that you have to design an identity. It is essential to recognize that the created logo is a temporary solution , and the need for rebranding is likely in the near future. If you wish to hold off in the present as long as you can, make use of the services offered by the Turbologo on-line service.

Online logo makers

With one of these tools to draw your own logo. To accomplish this, designers provide a wide array of tools, pre-designed icons as well as other elements. Combining them in one manner in another are able to create your own logo from scratch using logo creators like Logotypemaker, Looka, etc.

The pros: in the vast majority of cases, designing logos using an online designer doesn’t require extensive design expertise as well as the capability to use specific tools.


Canva is a completely free online logo editor which allows you to design logos from scratch or modify existing ones.

pre-designed templates that are perfect for professionals and newcomers to this field. The

Service has a huge collection of different elements (stickers shapes, lines images) and fonts.

including Russian-language layouts, templates and layouts.

It is necessary to register in order to start an account. You can create not just logos, but as well

diverse banners, postcards, business cards, and more. recent edits to videos.

If the version that is free is sufficient to work comfortably, but an annual subscription will be more probable to get

required for large corporations or those who design professionally.

Logo generators for brands and products.

Generators are a kind of constructor, but with a lesser capabilities. They typically provide the option to define the area of operation and their name. business. Then, all you have to do is just a click button to receive a certain quantity of logos that are automatically generated. The logo you want may be altered in some way by hand, however the selection of tools available is typically restricted.

Examples of generators: Turbologo, Logoshi.

Advantages: relatively low cost. Additionally there are no cost logo generators available for businesses. This is the easiest method.


Logos are the main element of the image of the business and is the basis upon which the brand is constructed. The best logo will never fade, it’s there always in use.

Beware of overly decorated items. The style should be minimally restrained nevertheless engaging and memorable. Most important is to ensure the high-quality of your services, so that your customers have confidence of your business.

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