How long does a rodent treatment last?

Rodents are irritating pests found in domestic and commercial establishments. Rodents have induced losses in millions and have plagued many a property including houses, apartments, and workplaces, factories in and around Australia. Food, water, and shelter provided by these establishments make it easier for these pests to thrive and survive. For this very reason, rats and mice can be seen in and around every neighborhood that has human habitat.  These rodents are a health hazard besides being responsible for economic, mental, and physical safety issues. Their existence is even worse for expecting moms as they are highly possible to experience miscarriages, stillbirths, and other health complications in the unborn child. Rodent Control Melbourne is highly recommended to get rid of these pests.

4 signs of a rat infestation in your home

If you think you may be having a rodent infestation in your home, these are the significant indicators of it:

1. Strange Smells & Sounds

Rats give off an offensive smell like ammonia. They make all kinds of loud and irritating, squealing, scrabbling, and swirling sounds as they scurry out and about your house. Such noises may also come from walls if they are infested as well by rodents. Coming across any of these signs is a signal of the presence of rats in the building.

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2. Excreta & Stains

Rats also have a habit of leaving their excreta behind as they move from end to end of your home including places like corners, basements, unused attics, etc. Their excreta look like small, dark, pellet-shaped droppings along with the parts of the house they frequent. Since rats also have poor vision, they make and preserve pathways routes along the walls. They leave stains and marks as and how they travel alongside these routes. This makes it easier to identify their presence in the house.

3. Footprints

Rats often leave footprints and tail imprints in all the places they travel. If you think that there is a possible rat problem in the property, have a look at a lesser-used, and dirty place in your home.  If you want to be double sure whether or not rats are around, scattering a thin layer of baking soda on the floor and checking for fresh tracks in the morning is useful too.

4. Damage

Lastly, rats will leave the things in their vicinity in a damaged and tattered state.  They chew and gnaw their way through electrical cables, wires, furniture, storage vessels, newspapers, books, documents and also eat through the food left out on the counter. As they do so, they leave excreta and urine throughout the house, this heightens your risk of contracting diseases.

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How to Ensure Keeping Rodents Away From Your Home?

The most applicable and simplest manner to control the rodent population is by ensuring they do not invade your premises to begin with! Listed ahead are a few ways to keep the rodent population away from your home:

  • Since rats like to live, occupy and scamper out and about in the garden, the first thing you should do immediately is to control the growth of the vegetation in the areas of the garden. Also, it is necessary to get rid of all the bushes everywhere on your property. Doing this makes entry into your premises difficult for rodents.
  • Do not leave food or leftovers on the dining table, kitchen counter or elsewhere unattended. Rats are will take away any scraps of food they can lay their hands on. For ensuring that you need to clear away and clean all areas in the kitchen after food preparation and consumption so that will keep rodents from sneaking into your kitchen for scourging for their next meal.
  • Also ensure that all foods and eatables are stored in a cupboard in airtight glass, metal, or plastic containers. The higher the storages are the better.
  • Check and block the ends of your entire property at least once a year to protect the property from developing holes and lairs. Closing off all those probable entry against rodent activity is helpful. Keep an eye out for any broken cables, plumbing, electric wiring, mesh, doors, and windows. Seal all these entry points with barbed wire.
  • If there are any seepages in the pipelines or any other part in the house, that will facilitate the entry and survival of rodents easily. Ensure that you fix all such leaks which can make rodents easier to thrive and exist.
  • On the other hand, you can keep also place specifically designed traps and baits for trapping mice. Keeping food spiked with peanut butter or placing pieces of cheese can draw the mice into the traps. It is necessary to discard these traps at a distant locations away from your property.

So, how many days would it take to remove rats from your home?

It usually takes approximately 3-7 days to get rid of rats by usage of rat poison. Using mechanical traps and baits and placing them in certain locations in the house is helpful too. Using battery-powered traps helps give an electric shock to rodents that kills them quickly. This is an innovative type of trap, and such traps are available for killing both rats and mice. Snap traps are another effective means of catching rats and mice. In this method, the rodents are trapped in a box fixed with a spring on the inside which snaps shut once the rodent has entered it. The box can be disposed of once the rodent is inside. Rodent control Melbourne professionals can get rid of these pests in a day or even multiple days depending on the magnitude of the rodent infestation.

Lastly, if none of these methods for getting rid of these annoying pests work it is always wise to hire professional teams that are better equipped to do this job. Melbourne has a number of pest control treatment companies that provide better, safer, and extremely effective options for rodent pest control provided by their authorized and qualified pest control team. Pass this trouble onto the professionals instead of wasting your precious time and strength in pest control treatment for rodents and let the experts do it for you!

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