How to Choose Commercial Painting Services: What You Need to Know

Are you opening up a new business? Does your office space or warehouse need to be revamped?

If you’re facing dull walls and chipped paint, it’s time to look into professional commercial painting services. Sure, you could probably do it yourself, but it will take a lot more time and most likely not yield the results you desire.

The first step is learning how to choose commercial painting services, as not all companies are equal or will offer you what you’re looking for.

To get started, read our guide below.

Insurance and Licensing

The company you choose must be both insured and licensed. This is non-negotiable, as the job you’re hiring them for can put both you and your property at risk.

The company should be ready to do everything by the book. They should be accredited if required by your state, have full insurance, and be bonded.

The painter who does the work on your house should have liability insurance, which would protect you and them if anything happened on-site.

There are a lot of options for commercial painters, and not every painting service will have all of these requirements, so make sure to ask and get proof before starting a job.


Having commercial painting experience is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a company.

Commercial painting is not like painting a house, and you want to make sure the company you choose has experience with large buildings, warehouses, or offices like yours.

For instance, commercial painting often requires large and complex projects using ladders and scaffolding. Check with the company to see what kind of experience they have and if they have all of the tools and equipment required to get the job done right.

Customer Reviews

Finding online customer reviews is the best way to get a good feel for what a painting company can do. Previous customers will usually be honest about their experience, expressing both the good and the bad.

This can help you get a well-rounded idea of what to expect from the service. You can often find before and after pictures as well, which can allow you to see how similar spaces to yours turned out.

While looking at the painting company’s website is a good place to start with reviews, you also want to browse third-party websites such as Google Reviews and Yelp.

Testimonials on a company’s website are often edited, so you can’t entirely rely on those. These third-party websites don’t allow the reviews to be edited or deleted, so you can get a more honest picture of what the customers’ experiences were really like.


Some projects will take longer than others, and some companies have a minimum baseline for how long they will take.

If you are in a hurry to get your commercial painting project completed, such as for a grand opening or reopening, you want to have a solid idea of how long it will take.

The painting service should come out to your property and give you the most accurate timeline, explaining what setbacks could occur.

They should also be able to tell you if they have projects scheduled before yours and when they’ll be able to get started. Check it out, review their information, and make sure this will work for you.

You don’t want to hire a company thinking it will get done in a week, only to find out they won’t even be able to start for another three weeks. Avoid this, and ask your questions ahead of time.


You should set your budget before starting to look for companies. Decide the maximum you’re willing to spend on the project, and stick to it.

Then, start comparing painting costs. Browse through different companies and see what they can offer you at varying rates. Make sure you are getting all the services you require and decide which will be the best choice for you.

It may not be the cheapest option, but the one that has everything you need and is still in your budget. Just make sure that you know all of the costs ahead of time, so you don’t get any surprises at the end of the project, such as with premium paint costs or expedited services.

Customer Service Skills

You need to be able to communicate efficiently with your painters, and they should be willing to answer all of your questions and accommodate your various needs.

For example, you may have very specific things you want to have done on your walls, and they may be complex and detailed. You need to communicate this with your painters and know that they are listening and understanding what you’re saying.

If upon meeting, you don’t feel you’re on the same page or you dislike how the painters treat you, this is a significant sign that you should choose a different company. After all, this is an important project that you are paying money for and want done right, so you should not settle for anything less than the best.

Use This Guide to Choose Commercial Painting Services

If you follow the tips above, you’re sure to choose commercial painting services that will get your job done right. Take your time to do some research, and don’t be afraid to ask all of the questions you need to ask.

If you ever feel like your needs aren’t being heard, move on to the next company that will work with you better.

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