How to store Lace Front Wigs

Now you have bought the best lace front wig for yourself. It is made up of natural hair, perfectly complements your face shape and is according to your skin tone. But the question here is how long this heavenly experience will last? 

A quality lace front wig usually lasts for about 3-12 months, but if maintained and cared for properly, it can have a life of more than one and a half years or two. Whether you are using a synthetic wig or natural hair lace front wig, you have to store it properly to make it look fresher every time you wear it. Here are some tips to properly store your lace front wig when not wearing it.

Cleaning and Washing

Like your normal hair, lace front wigs attract dust particles from the air currents every time you wear them. If you store it without cleaning, it will get even dirtier than they were. Moreover, if your wig is damp, never put it away for storage, as it will attract mold and dust and will ruin your entire lace front wig. 

So clean your wig before storing it. You can use shampoo and conditioner if the wig is made of natural hair and let it dry completely before storing it.

Comb it gently

Hair in the lace front wig gets entangled over time. Before putting it away for storage, make sure to remove the tangles, or they will come out even worse when you take them out the next time. 

To comb it correctly, place it on a wig stand and start combing from the tips of the hair and work your way up to the top. While doing so, stay away from getting close to the base of the wig as it can damage the lace.

Avoid Sunlight and Extreme Heat

You can use the blow dryer or heat styling tools to style your lace front wig but avoid doing it too often and regularly, as it can damage the hair strands. The other thing you should be aware of is direct sunlight. Never put your lace front wig in direct sunlight or hot areas. Extreme heat can fade the colour of your wig and weaken the hair fibres. To avoid such damage to your wig, store it in cool and dry places.

Storing your wig

If you have two or three lace front wigs, which we highly recommend, you should opt for a short term solution to store your wigs. You can always use the box in which your wigs arrived as these boxes are designed perfectly to keep the wig from damaging. Lace front wigs may be stored in satin sealable bags to help control frizz and tangles. 

The other option is for long term storage. If you wear one wig too often, you should use a wig stand or a mannequin for it. Wig stands help you style and store your wig easily. Make sure that your wig is thoroughly combed before putting it on the stand.

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