The most significant determinant of choosing the color for your home is personal preference. The rest of the parameters will always fall behind that, with numerous shades to choose from. Your current choices may be affected by the existing colors of the house, trends, or even the need to renovate.

Sometimes change is good, and nothing alters the look of your home by changing its colors. Home interior designers in Bangalore recommend neutral and earthy tones for people who do not wish to invest ample time and energy in redesigning the entire house.

Neutral tones are easy to play around with and complement every piece of furniture, sculpture, or ornament around the house. Luckily, the rainbow is a broad spectrum allowing people to choose from numerous colors. Some people are also risk-takers and go with brighter color palettes.

Interior designers in Bangalore can help you navigate this journey more seamlessly. Color selection is not easy because many other elements are also deployed onboard to finish a home. Hence, having a professional helps ease up the process.


  • Mix and match

If your house has other elements like paintings, upholstery, beaded macrame art, or even rugs, they are sold in a blend of juxtaposing colors. It makes sense to paint your house with a color that complements these elements. That way, it will not look out of place whilst restoring, adding proportion and balance. The house will have more harmony, and no one color will look too bright or pale. It is essential for all the components in one’s set to be of the same mood and vibe.

  • Decorate your room vertically

Decorating one’s room from dark to light is the most straightforward manner of decorating it. You do not need to worry about taking risks because this is the safest bet on the table. Try to use darker color tones on the floor and allow it to get lighter as you make your way above. So, your walls and ceilings must have a more delicate color than the floor. This is a replica of the world as one knows it. The ground is always darker than its surroundings, giving this look an added normalcy. The vertical decoration pattern is highly recognized because of its relatability.

  • Begin with designing the formal areas first

The formal areas of the house are our living rooms, kitchen, dining rooms, and so on. These rooms dominate the home’s entrance and its appearance. They comprise a significant portion; thus, reasonably, one must finish designing them first. Decide your color theme based on the kind of person you are. Some people like larger-than-life designs, while some others prefer a zen look. Once you decide which side you’re leaning towards more, you can discuss the color options for your home.

  • Black is an excellent choice.

Despite people’s reservations about using black in their homes, it is an impeccable choice. It might be high-maintenance, but it instantly tweaks your home and alters its character. If you are afraid to paint the entire house black, you could stick with specific areas like the kitchen, study, dining room, etc.

  • Warm color palettes

Warm colors are also exceedingly safe and accessible to the eyes. People who have warm color palettes in their homes can spruce it now and then because they are more accessible to style.

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