Important Elements Of Winning Sales Pitches With Examples

Your sales pitch is the most important thing in your sales process. It is the presentation you give to potential customers in order to convince them that you have the product that is right for them. A great sales pitch can convert a customer into a sale. This blog will look at different examples to help you in writing your own sales pitch.

There are some important things to consider when creating a sales pitch that will help you stand out from your competitors. Conversational intelligence AI will help you create more persuasive pitches that will help you close more deals. Here are some of those elements and examples on how they can be used to improve your AI-powered sales pitches.

1. Your Unique Selling Proposition / “What’s in it for them?”

You are giving people 30 seconds to drool over your awesome company and then introduce your service to them. Now unless you are an awe-inspiring company with lots of experience, you need to be brief. What is your selling strategy hard sell vs soft sell? Which is better for you? One trick I found is to write an “elevator pitch” for the introduction.

The elevator pitch is a very short 2-3 sentence pitch to introduce your company and service.

The elevator pitch is:

“We help businesses do more with less. We do this by sharing technology, reducing overheads and sharing experiences. We have a fantastic track record of supporting our customers.”

This introduction will be fine, once you have talked about why you are great as a person and as a company. People can forget about you if you are boring, so make them remember you.

2. Your Key Points

Now comes the meat, which tells people why they should buy your service.

What will your service do for them?

Why do they need your service?

3. Your Team

What qualifications have your staff got?

How many years experience do you have?

4. Why You Are Different

Why should people buy from you and not someone else?

5. Your Pricing Options

The pricing options need to be really clear. You can pay them with credit card, PayPal or bitcoin, whatever you prefer. It makes for a smoother experience.

6. Your Guarantee

People buy what you sell, therefore you need to tell them that your guarantee is there if you mess it up. People love praise but hate criticism. By offering praise if they don’t end up liking your service and offering a discount if they end up liking it, you ensure that people will buy from you.

7. Your Add-Ons

Add ons are the extra features you can add to your service. It could be anything from 24/7 support to a money back guarantee. Add ons are a way of convincing people to buy your service.

8. Your Values

Values are the glue for your business and your values need to be crystal clear. Also, they need to be constantly reinforced. People don’t like someone who is constantly contradicting themselves.

9. Your Graphics

Instead of putting text up, try putting your points up as infographics or charts.

10. Your Contact Details

Closing is always the hardest part. Make sure that your contact details are very clear so that people can contact you, without it looking like they are forcing you.

11. Your Story

Once again, it could be anything, it could be your entrepreneurial journey or explaining your background. By doing this, you make sure people know what you are about.

12. Your Product

Now here is where we start to add in details.

Why would someone use your product?

What kind of person would use your product?

Are there any upsells?

13. Your Delivery

Now this is the way you close the deal. By giving a 30-day money back guarantee, you take away people from any risk. If they do not like your service, simply tell them that they can stop using it, even if they are in the middle of using your product.

By following these steps, I am sure you will succeed in closing the deal. As hard as it is, always try to close the deal as soon as possible. When people leave your site, they are more likely to go directly to your competitor.

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