Improving the search for executive candidates with executive search software

Head-hunting senior executives of high-calibre require the recruiter to have strong networking skills. In modern recruitment, head-hunters can get a lot of support from an executive search software solution.

It offers invaluable assistance in identifying and helping maintain a good relationship with executive candidates. Without robust executive recruitment software, it would have been quite a challenge for head-hunters to find quality executives for their clients.

Importance of good candidates in executive search

Recruitment is candidate-driven. There is tremendous demand for top talent at every level. But what sets apart executive search is that the entire search is designed to find senior executives. And that process is very different to traditional recruitment which revolves around junior to mid-level candidates.

Senior or c-suite executives are very important to their organisation’s growth. These are employees who work strategically to steer their company’s progress. That’s why finding the right person for the role is of utmost importance. An unsuitable executive is a great cause for concern.

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In executive search, head-hunters work for the hiring company, trying to meet all the requirements of the role. Filling the executive position is an intensive process, demanding meticulous work over many months. And it is only a powerful executive search software that helps head-hunters work more effectively.

Executive search software and candidate sourcing

Let’s focus on how executive talent sourcing is made easier through executive recruitment software.

First of all, AI-enabled recruitment software has the capacity for supporting quality candidate sourcing and engagement. There are active and passive candidates in recruitment.

Active candidates are those that energetically look for new roles and enquire after opportunities themselves. On the contrary, passive candidates have to be scouted and reached out to. They have to be encouraged to try for new opportunities. Head-hunters must ensure that they are including passive candidates during their talent sourcing.

But how do head-hunters discover these talented but passive executive candidates? Senior executives are not easily available for anyone who wants their time. They carry a big responsibility in their work and are mostly very busy. Recruiters will not find their contact details easily.

However, utilising an executive search software system opens up a different and easier way to find and engage with top tier talents. Social media is the go-to platform for every recruiter. Professional networking sites like LinkedIn and Bloomberg, etc., host millions of accounts.

Typically, recruiters begin their candidate search by visiting the different social media platforms. Once they find suitable executives they keep those individuals on the shortlist to show their clients. This stage involves copying relevant information such as career history and contact details.

But because executive search candidate lists usually contain hundreds of candidates at the start, it can be pretty tedious to copy everyone’s information manually. At the same time, finding hundreds of executives who seem to be a good match for the role is challenging.

Head-hunters spend weeks combing through various social media accounts to create a good candidate list. Then it takes more hours to copy data for future use. But what if that time could be reduced drastically?

Executive search firms must invest in good AI-enabled executive recruitment software systems that are powerful with some smart features. Such software solutions offer smarter, better and faster ways to locate quality candidates.

Instead of copying information, it enables head-hunters and their teams to efficiently gain access to the original and updated data without leaving the recruitment software platform. The software’s ability to integrate well with all the social media platforms help make this task extremely easy and convenient.

However, not every executive search software offers this feature. Hence, search firms must be careful when they are selecting their CRM system. Research, reviews and product demos help match the right software with the firm.

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