Is Digital Gambling Legal in Ireland?

Ireland is a country that is well known for its love for gambling, but the gambling laws are a little bit unclear. Some people believe that gambling is completely illegal in the country, whereas others say that you can legally gamble when you play slots on mobile.

Which answer is true? It’s all so confusing! Don’t worry because we are here to help – read on to discover whether digital gambling truly is legal in Ireland. We’re going to be looking at:

          The legality of online gambling in Ireland

          The popularity of online gambling

          Land-based gambling laws in Ireland

So, is it?

We are please to announce that yes – digital gambling is indeed legal in Ireland – hoorah! Anybody over the age of 18 can log online, search for an online casino and gamble away knowing that their activity is 100% legal, licensed and regulated. Not only is this available on your desktop, but you can also gamble on other digital platforms such as your mobile phone or tablet. There are not really many restrictions to this either – you should be able to find just about every online casino game that you could find in any other country, whether you’re playing in Ireland or not! Best of all, the safe and secure gambling regulations found in Ireland mean that every website must be balanced and provide excellent customer support to facilitate gambling in moderation. This means that Ireland really is one of the best and safest places to gamble digitally in the world!

Does this mean that land-based gambling in Ireland is legal too?

Stop right there – land-based gambling is overall illegal in Ireland – isn’t that strange! It’s all to do with various regulations and laws that state that land-based gambling premises can only operate based on charitable causes. This means that there are some exceptions:

          Bingo halls are generally allowed

          Scratch cards and lotteries are 100% legal

          12 Members-only “casino clubs” are currently legally operating in the country

Despite this, it has resulted in land-based gambling quickly being taken over by their digital alternatives. Gambling is after all extremely popular in Ireland, so considering that digital gambling is 100% legal, casino sites are much more popular, particularly among young people. However, if you can get yourself on the exclusive waiting list as a member for one of Ireland’s several casino clubs, you too could enjoy the atmosphere of gambling at a land-based venue!

The Verdict

Overall, digital gambling in Ireland is 100% legal – its just as well too because land-based gambling is pretty much illegal! Whilst there are some ways to get around this rule, you may as well just stick to the online alternative. You can guarantee that its legal, there are way more bonuses and game varieties to be found, and it’s overall a much more enjoyable experience! Think yourselves lucky because many countries are yet to fully legalize digital gambling!

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