Is It Useful to File for Divorce First in Connecticut – What are the Pros and Cons?

Ending a marriage is never a happy moment for anyone. Couples may try to fix their difficulties, but if nothing seems to work out then they may file for divorce. Even though it is a painful process, it is the only option left to stay happy the way they want. Does it really matter who files for divorce first? There are some pros and cons to applying for divorce first, and in this post, we are going to discuss some of them. 

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What are the benefits of applying for divorce first?


  • When you apply for divorce first, you will have enough time beforehand to hire a good divorce lawyer. You will have time to keep all the necessary documents ready. When you file for divorce first, your spouse won’t be able to hide any assets or money. 
  • When you file your case, the court will look at your papers first. This means you will get a chance to explain your story before your ex. 
  • If you are seriously disturbed with your married life and want to end it as soon as possible then apply for divorce first from your side. This helps you to come out from your problematic married life quickly. 


  • When you apply for divorce first, you must pay the filing fee. You may have to pay more to your lawyer as well. However, there are some lawyers in Connecticut who charge reasonably from their clients. 
  • This may alert your spouse about your demands. In fact, your spouse might come up with a plan to escape from your demands. 

You can also discuss with your spouse the property distribution and child custody. It is well and good if he or she agrees to all your demands. Your divorce process becomes much easier when both of you have a proper understanding. If your spouse doesn’t agree with you then avoid further discussions and contact a lawyer. 

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