Juice wrld as famous rapper

Jarred Anthony Higgins also known as juice wrld was a famous rapper of his time. He was an exceptional talent who drove millions of his fans crazy with his voice. His outstanding tracks such as all girls are the same and lucid dreams are the most liked tracks with more than a billion streams on spotify. He was appreciated and loved by his audience for the perfection of his work. He was always an inspiration for the people who listened to him. His words were somehow thoughtful that shows his struggles of life. He had a great passion for music since his childhood and he never gave up on his dream of becoming the best rapper. His professional achievements are the evidence of his hard work and diligence.

Juice wrld music merch

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Juice wrld hit songs

From the very start of his music career, juice wrld has given hundred percent of him so that the world could recognize his talent. His very first track forever was a big hit that he released in 2017 on SoundCloud under the name of juicethekid. After that all his songs and albums were a big hit. Lucid dreams is his most streamed song on spotify with more than 1 billions streams. This song of juice wrld also topped billboard hot 100 charts. All girls are the same is another big hit by juice wrld and this track of him was also ranked among hot 100 of billboard charts at that time. Lean with me is also among the big hit given by juice wrld that topped hot 100 billboard charts. Wasted and armed and dangerous are also famous tracks given by juice wrld.

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