KuCoin With All New Features and Lower Fees

If you are new to the crypto space, then it will be difficult to understand all the features and fees of KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange. This article will explain some of the features and advantages of the crypto exchange in general. You will learn about security, fees, indexes, and promotions. Depending on your experience, you can select a platform that meets your needs best. After reading this article, you will have a clearer understanding of why KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange is a top cryptocurrency trading platform.


One of the best ways to save money when buying through KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange is by using the Promos of KuCoin. They can be found in different forms and can be applied at the time of checkout. However, users should keep in mind that the Promos of KuCoin are valid for only a short time and cannot be used in conjunction with other offers or promotional codes. To use a Promos of KuCoin, users must first sign up for an account with the exchange, choose a payment method, and then click on a product to purchase. Enter the promo code, and the discount will appear on the new total.

The KuCoin affiliate program allows people to earn up to 40% of the trading fees they earn by referring new users. The commission rate is based on the volume of trades made by the invitees. Users earn interest on their crypto by participating in lucky raffling and referring other users to the KuCoin community. Depending on the amount of time the invitees spend trading in the exchange, they can earn up to 1000 USDT.

If you are new to KuCoin crypto exchange, you may want to check out the various promos and promotions. Using KuCoin referral codes can help you get onlinebahisforum started on the cryptocurrency exchange. These referral codes provide free bonuses for the first few trades and will save you money on the trading fees. KuCoin crypto exchange is also easy to use and offers many benefits for those who use them. You can also earn Through KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange when referring others with the help of referral links or promotional codes.

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There are hundreds of cryptos to trade on KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange and the fees are cheap. The referral code can be used at the signup process to songsindia earn a $10 bonus. By sharing the promo code, you can also get up to a 30% discount on trading fees. The promotion codes are good for beginners and experienced users alike. You can earn as much as 30% of the trading fees just by signing up with KuCoin cryptocurrency using your referral code. There are no limits to the number of referrals you can make.


Traders on the KuCoin bitcoin exchange platform are subject to a fee level based on their 30-day average trading volume and KCS holdings. To become eligible for the lowest fee level, traders must have 40,000 KCS or more in their accounts news hunt and 4,000 BTC in average trading volume. The fee level is displayed after logging into your account, and you can check it whenever you wish. The fee level can be as low as 0.03%, and it is a positive number if you are able to meet the minimum level of trading. You Can also buy bitcoin with Kucoin Cryptocurrency.

KuCoin’s fee structure is competitive and based on tier level. Fees are charged on each trade, but they are quite low compared to many of the other major platforms. If you are a beginner, the wide variety of tools and features can be overwhelming. KuCoin offers a tiered maker/taker fee structure and fees are as low as 0.1% in most cases. KuCoin also offers trading fee discounts for users who have accumulated KCS in their account.

KuCoin bitcoin exchange also offers OTC trading desk services to its customers. Unlike traditional stock trading, OTC trading allows users to trade more money without experiencing price fluctuations. Additionally, KuCoin bitcoin exchange supports direct purchase of cryptocurrencies via CNY, VND, or IDR. To make the transaction, users must complete KYC verification and set a trading password. KuCoin is one of the top crypto trading platforms available, and the fees it charges are among the lowest.

Despite its fees, KuCoin bitcoin exchange is a top choice for advanced crypto investors. It provides users with a variety of currency pairs and offers the option to trade in leveraged tokens and cryptocurrency futures. Beginners may not find the interface intuitive and it can take some time to understand the site. Users are encouraged to visit the website of their choice to check out how user-friendly the platform is.


The KuCoin cryptocurrency trading platform takes the security of your personal information seriously. As a result, it’s vital to set up safeguards to protect your assets. You should withdraw any unused funds and place them in a cold storage hardware wallet. Ideally, this device is a Trezor or Ledger. If you’re unsure about setting up 2-factor authentication, you can search online for instructions. To ensure that your account is telesup completely secure, it’s also worth registering your phone with Google Authenticator. This will prevent anyone from accessing your account without your password or mobile phone. You can also set up IP login restrictions if your account contains 0.1 BTC.

Once you’ve registered with KuCoin, you’ll be sent a verification code. This code is sent to your phone or email. Verifying your identity through this method is easy and fast, and KuCoin requires this for its customers. The security of KuCoin is further enhanced by the fact that it supports trading on all major desktop operating systems and mobile platforms. Its internal risk department constantly monitors all applications and maintains strict policies.

Although KuCoin has always taken the security of its users seriously, an attack last September resulted in the theft of US$200 million from the exchange. Though KuCoin was able to reverse the hack, users still reported missing funds and unsuccessful deposits. As a result, the security of the KuCoin cryptocurrency trading platform is an important topic. It is vital to follow all guidelines, as breaches can lead to serious consequences.

KuCoin’s security measures include a number of innovative security protocols. A dedicated risk control department constantly monitors the activities of the platform and enforces stringent data usage regulations. Users can also secure their accounts by setting up two-factor authentication, safety phrases, trading passwords, and segregated accounts. Finally, KuCoin encourages users to use whitelisted IP addresses and crypto addresses. This can help protect them from hackers, and ensure their privacy and assets.


There are many ways to trade crypto. KuCoin provides various indexes that take the average of a specific cryptocurrency on several major exchanges. By doing this, the indexes are more accurate and take into account differences among competing platforms. These indexes are denominated in USD and settled in the crypto of choice. Those who are looking to earn interest from their investments can use KuCoin tokens as collateral.

In addition, KuCoin focuses on security. It makes use of Google’s two-factor authentication, which requires users to enter a unique code sent to their mobile phone to log in. In April of 2020, KuCoin will partner with On Chain Custodian to provide custody for its customers’ cryptocurrency holdings. Lockton, the world’s largest private insurance brokerage firm, is one of its main investors.

There are many different ways to generate income with KuCoin. You can trade digital currencies, make deposits, or use their lending program to fund margin accounts. KuCoin offers easy-to-use ways to earn money. You can do Futures trading or Margin Trading, and there are numerous other options to make money using KuCoin. There are few disadvantages with KuCoin, but they are well worth a look.

The cryptocurrency market is volatile. In the beginning, the market is not fully transparent. As with any investment, you should carefully read the fine print before investing. The riskier the investment, the higher the reward. With that in mind, KuCoin shares can now be purchased for less than $1 in mid-2020. KuCoin has partnered with European payment provider Simplex. With this new partnership, users can deposit real-world funds on the site.

Referral program

A referral program on KuCoin is similar to those on most other cryptocurrency exchanges. Referrals earn a percentage of the referral fee. In the past, users could earn stars by referring friends and earning a certain amount. But, recently, KuCoin revamped this program. While users can still refer friends, they can also earn stars by doing various tasks. These tasks can lead to rewards like USDT, random coins, or a certain number of KuCoin.

The Referral Program on KuCoin works like the traditional referral program, with the only difference being that it allows users to earn more by inviting friends and family. Once you invite friends, you can receive a referral bonus equal to 20% of the first order of the person you referred. The referral bonus is valid for one year from the date of the first completed order. Once the referral completes the first order, the referral will receive a bonus, which is added to your wallet.

To get started, all you have to do is sign up for a KuCoin account. From there, you can go to the referral dashboard and click the button “Refer a Friend”. Here, you will be prompted to enter a referral ID code or a referral link. Once you copy the referral link, you can share it with your friends and family. KuCoin crypto exchange users will automatically receive a 10% discount on their first order.

Once you have successfully signed up with KuCoin crypto exchange, you can also use the referral code to get a $10 reward, as well as 30% off the trading fees of new members. Once they sign up, you can use the referral code to claim your referral bonus. If you’d like to receive a referral bonus, you can enter the code on the signup page of the KuCoin website. Once you’ve received the referral bonus, you can start earning.

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