Learn About Casinos before Placing Bets to Avoid Scams.

Nowadays, gamers are preferring the use of online casinos and betting sites to traditional land-based casinos. Online gambling platforms come with an array of player benefits. Unfortunately, there is another group of evildoers who are waiting to steal from unsuspecting gamblers. Cases of online casino scams are reported every other minute. Some popular online casino scams include deposit theft, rigged games and computer viruses.

The biggest challenge is to differentiate between a trusted online casino and a scam site. That’s why online gamblers need to be careful in their trends. It’s always wise to learn about casinos before placing bets to avoid scams. Reputable casino review sites can be useful for anyone who doesn’t want to fall victim to online fraud. However, it’s good to understand that some casinos ‘fake reviews’ on rogue review sites. Therefore, looking at the reviews isn’t enough to conclude the legitimacy of an online casino. Only reputable review sites and online community forums can help you.

This being the case, all we should be asking ourselves is how to avoid such scams. The following ideas can help you to differentiate scam gambling platforms from reputable online casinos:

1. Always Check for Licensing.

Whenever you want to play casinos over the internet, you should start by checking a site’s licensing. Ensure it is licensed by the relevant authorities or agencies to conduct their business. Again, confirm the casino’s jurisdiction of operation before you sign up.

Sometimes the site’s customer response might be damp on your issue. If this happens, only the licensing authority can help you out. A licensed casino is legal and safe to work with. Therefore, depositing your cash won’t be a risk to lose it even before you bet.

2. Payment Method.

Online scams simply mean losing your money to online fraudsters who pretend to offer online casino games. Some gamers especially the newbies only consider payment methods of an online casino site. However, this should come after the above factors.

A reputable online casino only accepts payments through trusted third-party financial platforms such as PayPal, Skrill or Bitcoin. If you realize abnormalities in the payment methods provided, move on to another platform and continue with the ‘screening’ process. The best casino gaming platforms should offer several payment options. You should only pick a payment method that is convenient for you.

3. Make Use of Online Casino Review Sites.

Checking for a casino’s legality of operation isn’t enough on its own. Finding out more information about a certain casino website on various third party casino review sites is paramount. The site could be licensed but has other issues that make it unfavourable for gaming. Such information is only available from online reviews.

It’s on these reviews that customers will share their experiences of using an online casino. The reviews also give you a chance to understand more about a certain casino without creating an account on their website.

4. Software Gaming Providers.

A casino’s gaming providers can help you determine its authenticity. You should avoid casinos with “new” software gaming providers. Genuine platforms will go for popular gaming software. This is because a genuine or reputable software gaming provider will only partner with a legit casino platform. Scam casino sites will save the money they could pay to software gaming companies and create a shoddy ‘scam’ gaming software!

5. Understand the Terms and Conditions.

Many beginners will sign up for a casino website without reading the long statements highlighting the terms and conditions of website use. You should never agree to the terms of service before you understand them.

Scam casino websites have predatory terms and conditions. When reading these terms, you should be keen to note unfriendly terms and conditions. Be very keen on the terms related to withdrawals and deposits. If you feel that they are a bit oppressing, don’t accept them. Consider looking for another website with favourable terms and conditions. You should read the terms every time you find a new bonus on the casino website.


Online casino platforms offer real fun to gamers but online scams are real. Losing money is painful and hence you should be keen to avoid losing money to online scammers. We believe that the above ideas will help you to avoid online casino scams. Try them anytime you want to use a new online casino platform.

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