Learn Ways to Store Your Kratom Powder & Kratom Tea

Kratom is supposed to be a natural supplement that is useful for diverse health issues. It works best for alleviating arthritis pain and acts as an energy booster to combat various health conditions. It is great for improving organ functions in the human body. It helps you in achieving an overall healthy and more active lifestyle. According to WebMD, Kratom is commonly used for relieving pain, managing opioid addiction, and controlling depression symptoms. However, it is of pivotal importance to buy potent and fresh Kratom if you wish to accomplish desired outcomes.

You should do adequate research before buying Kratom powder or tea. Health improvement is not possible if natural supplements lose their potency. Kratom will not be effective if the alkaloids contained in it become inactive. Let us explore some storage tips to retain the freshness and efficacy of Kratom powder and tea.

Store in a Cool Dry Place Away from Sunlight

You should remember to keep Kratom powder in an airtight container away from Visit here mykratomclub.com. Even though sunlight is a rich source of Vitamin D and it boasts of certain antibacterial properties, it adversely impacts the potency and efficiency of Kratom powder. That is primarily because sunlight is responsible for initiating some chemical reactions that may end up altering the alkaloid content. The UV rays of the sun are capable of breaking down the constituents and deactivating the alkaloids. Moreover, sun exposure implies exposure to heat that may alter the chemical composition and potency of Kratom powder.

Always Keep It Dry

Even though Kratom grows in a humid and moist climate, Kratom powder should be kept in a moisture-free dry environment to maintain the natural potency and effectiveness of Kratom powder. Moisture could trigger chemical reactions and may end up generating algae. Store Kratom powder away from moisture.

Always Store in Airtight Jars

You must be wondering how to store Kratom to retain its efficacy and potential. Damp or moisture is the biggest enemy and could cause mold formation that may generate hazardous bacteria. Put the Kratom powder in a small zip-lock bag and put it away in a nice air-tight container.

Remember to Store Kratom in Small Quantities in Smaller Jars

You must always split the entire amount of Kratom into smaller parts and put each part away in small air-tight jars or pots. It is best to use small pots for your weekly dosage to avoid exposing the leftover Kratom to moisture from the atmosphere.

Opt for Vacuum Storage & Freezing

You may squeeze all the air out of your plastic bag and then store the Kratom powder. Alternatively, consider purchasing a vacuum sealer meant precisely for food storage. It could be the best way of limiting the chances of oxidation. Freezing is another way of storing the potency of Kratom powder. Freezers are supposed to be dark, dry, and cool. You may consider using a vacuum-sealed bag and placing it safely in a freezer for maximum protection and ultimate storage.

Protect Your Kratom Tea from Strong Odors

Store your Kratom tea away from strong-smelling food items or fruits. Kratom tea may absorb the scent. It will adversely impact the taste and efficacy. It is a good idea to store your Kratom tea in air-tight opaque cans or jars or ceramic vessels to retain the freshness and potency of Kratom tea.


You may brew your Kratom tea every time with orange or lemon juice if you wish to boost the potency of your Kratom tea. You could use just half the regular dose and experience the same magical outcomes once you add orange or lemon juice.

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