Liability For Someone Else Causing Accident in Your Car in Houston 

The maximum percentage of accidents involves drivers being the owners of the vehicles, who are responsible for the accidents. Hence, they can handle all the necessary legal procedures. The condition may change when there is an involvement of the third party that was driving the car, which did not belong to them. 

When a driver, who caused the accident does not own the vehicle involved, they should look for the help of a car accident lawyer to help with their case. The Husain Law Firm is the best choice for the residents that are looking for a Houston car accident attorney. They are a team of experienced lawyers and can help you with your accident case as required.

Instances Where the Third Person Is Included in The Car Accidents 

Many instances will be such that the driver will not be the owner of the vehicles that are involved in the car accident. Such instances require special attention from the legal advisors as the owners will not be responsible for the accidents caused by their vehicles. Here are some of such instances. 

  • Employee driving the car of their employer 

Most of the car accidents in such cases will be caused because of negligent drivers. The employees may have run a red light and have collided with another vehicle or may have caused some property damage because of their negligent driving. Here, the employer will be held responsible for the accident caused.

  • When someone that borrowed your car causes an accident 

If your car insurance and the person who drives your car are included in the insurance coverage, then the car insurance will handle all the repair and damage charges caused during the accidents. However, if the person who took your car is not listed under your car insurance coverage and has their car insurance coverage, then your car insurance will not be responsible for the damages caused.

The best way to escape from the chances of facing some embarrassing situations like someone else causing accidents in your car, is by not letting anyone else drive your car. However, you cannot strictly follow this idea all the time as someone sometimes may need your car during some emergencies.

The best way of making the fullest out of the situation when someone needs to borrow your car is by understanding the clauses and terms of your car insurance. By doing so, you can stay assured that you will be covered if any damage is caused by your car even though you are not the driver now.

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