Linoleum or Vinyl Flooring: Which is Better for Your Home?

To equip high-quality, durable, comfortable flooring, you do not need to reinvent the wheel. Today, many buyers and experts consider linoleum or vinyl floors to be the most worthy option. Which is better to choose from these two types of flooring is a matter of personal preference of the buyer. Comparative characteristics of these materials will help to make a choice.

Linoleum Flooring

When choosing a synthetic flooring, it should be remembered that many enterprises introduce natural ingredients into the composition of linoleum, such as linseed oil, cork chips, wood, limestone, pine resin and jute. This raw material is considered renewable, since its production is harmless to nature and humans. Many coatings contain recycled substances, and some of them are biodegradable. That is, it is a completely environmentally friendly material.


Linoleum can be chosen in any length, since it is sold in huge rolls. But the width is selected from the assortment presented in the catalog. You can also purchase such material in sheets. As for colors, they can be very diverse. It is very convenient for arranging interiors of different styles.


The service life of a material such as linoleum largely depends on the type of substrate used during its installation. Therefore, it is recommended to entrust the laying of this coating to professionals. Experts also recommend considering, when deciding what to buy, linoleum flooring rolls or vinyl: the better the wear resistance of the material, the more durable it is. So linoleum is a very durable, water and wear-resistant material. With proper maintenance, it can last an extremely long time.


Summing up what has been said, it can be argued that this material has a lot of advantages. It is offered in a wide color palette and a large selection of patterns, including those imitating natural textures such as wood, ceramics, and textiles. Linoleum is environmentally friendly, easy to install and maintain, and extremely comfortable. That is why he has so many supporters.


With all the advantages, this coating also has its disadvantages. So, its installation on large areas requires special care and skill. Therefore, such a procedure is quite expensive. This material is considered waterproof. However, in practice it turns out to be permeable. This must be taken into account when choosing a coating for damp rooms.

Vinyl Floors

With a modern assortment and quality level of floor coverings, it is rather difficult for buyers to decide which material to purchase – linoleum or vinyl flooring. Which is better to choose taking into account the specific conditions of the upcoming operation. So, for rooms with high humidity, vinyl flooring is ideal. It has become increasingly popular since the sixties of the last century.


Like linoleum, vinyl is sold in rolls and sheets. It is offered in a wide variety of colors with the most attractive design. These are bright coatings with a translucent texture. The uniqueness of this material is that its cost depends on the method of applying the pattern.

So, many variants of such floors are less expensive due to the fact that the image in them is applied to the very surface of the material. This is a durable, wear-resistant and fade-resistant coating. Some models are painted on the inside. These are more elite materials, the cost of which is much higher.


Vinyl flooring has a smooth surface that can be easily cleaned of any dirt with common household cleaners. It contains polyvinyl chloride as the main component. It is an inert, safe material for humans. But its manufacture is considered environmentally unsafe.

The latest fiberglass vinyl flooring is the most durable and resilient. As for prices, the more expensive the material, the greater the thickness of its upper layer. The quality of the coating and the duration of the warranty from the manufacturer also depend on this.

Comparing the coating of vinyl flooring and linoleum, which of these can be better determined by a set of characteristics. It is important to familiarize yourself with the offers of manufacturers, and make a purchase in a trusted store.

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