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Do you want to start a restaurant? But you don’t know which position to fill-in? Not sure how many people it takes to prepare and serve food? Learn how to hire 호스트바 in your restaurants

In fact, it’s more than you think!

In this article, I’m going to tell you a bit about the positions that a restaurant may have and the duties of each employee. I’ll also give an example of what an org chart with these positions would look like. This guide explains the importance of each role in the proper functioning of a good restaurant from the owner to the person responsible for the dumping

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What are the different positions in the restaurant?

Various positions perform specific functions in restaurants. Each one is very important to keep everything in order and the dining room to flow properly.

We should note that the more the establishment how big and more complex Job titles will also require more attention from the HR team. Some positions are less essential for smaller establishments. This means that specific tasks are split between existing employees. In this guide, I’ve added all the locations available in large restaurants or hotels. Here is the list:

Administrative position

  • manager
  • Admin
  • Kitchen staff
  • Head chef
  • Kitchen manager
  • Su-Chef
  • Station chief
  • Chef
  • Assistant cook
  • Cleaning team
  • FOH staff
  • Chief waiter
  • Receptionist
  • Sommelier
  • Bar staff
  • Waiter

This is the personnel required for any establishment that has to operate continuously. So there is a complex organization chart.

Restaurant management position

At the top of the system, we will meet the administrative staff of the restaurant. Of course, they are the ones responsible for managing everything that is done in the restaurant.

  1. Manager and his duties

The manager 호빠알바 is in charge of the restaurant in a small restaurant Managers are usually the owners. Sometimes the manager is just the person taking the reins. Instead, the store owner chose a manager to take care of all aspects of the store.

Persons appointed as managers must be highly competent to:

  • Run a business and all aspects of it
  • Make important decisions such as restaurant theme, operations, and other administrative decisions.
  • He is always responsible for managing the appearance of the establishment marketing strategies, etc.
  • He is the person with the highest responsibilities at the legal level.

Thanks to the fact that it fulfills many important functions. It is recommended that the appointed manager be a person with administrative education and General knowledge about service channels.

  1. Admin/Secretary and his duties

An administrator or secretary is the person in charge the practical economy of restaurants. He continually works in contact with accountants and bank accounts because he is responsible for Establishment Capital Management and takes care of proper use. In addition, it is usually responsible for hiring and firing employees. Paying salaries, daily income, and everything related to the profit and or loss of the establishment.

Backyard worker 

After the clerk arrives, the kitchen clerk, also known as – the soul of the restaurant. Why? Because even if you don’t see them they can maintain the restaurant

  1. Chef / Executive Chef

Chef is the third most important role in a restaurant.

The head chef is part of the administrative staff and it’s one of the most important roles in the kitchen.

Its function is:

  • Create a menu that every diner will like. From large plates to small plates
  • Directing kitchen staff and their stations
  • Make administrative decisions about what will be served in the restaurant.
  • Confident in the efficiency of the kitchen team
  • He is in touch with various roles. all in the restaurant From the housekeeper to the cleaning staff
  • This position is only for chefs with a high level of experience. Additionally, they often have some type of supplementary education, such as a diploma in culinary arts.
  • The head chef is one of the first positions to consider even before starting a restaurant his experience can help organize it from the start.
  1. Buyer/Kitchen Manager

In a large restaurant in the role of kitchen manager

In small establishments, this position will be absorbed by the administrator head chef or be divided between the two. Purchasing managers are responsible for keeping everything in stock in the kitchen. He must be sure all ingredients are ready.

  1. Su-Chef

Sous-chef is 호빠알바the chef’s right hand – if the head chef is not present, the Sous-chef is the commanding officer of the cooking brigade.

  • He is also responsible for the execution of the chef’s orders in the letter.
  • Traditionally, filling in the Su Chef position will leave the Head Chef. Both must have great working chemistry and a lot of trust in each other.
  • In addition, it is common for to gain a position after passing through different stations of the kitchen
  1. Station Chef

The station chef or the departing chef is responsible for specific parts of the kitchen.

The station chief will report directly to the head chef and head chef.

  1. Cook

The chef is the hand of the kitchen – the person responsible for executing all orders under the direction of the station chef, top chef or head chef. This position is one of the most important in practice. This is because the chef is responsible for preparing everything that comes out of the kitchen for the diners to enjoy.

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