Live Chat – How It Can Improve Conversion for Your Website

Are you keeping live chat at arm’s length? Do you think that introducing live chat with AI will reduce the quality of your service? If so, you aren’t alone. The good news is that live chat should be embraced, and your customers may just love it if you add this feature to your website. Let’s answer all your questions in this guide!

What’s Live Chat?

We’re in 2022 – customers don’t want to pick up the phone to speak to a company. Likewise, they don’t want to wait 48 hours for an email response. Therefore, more companies are talking to their clients and customers in real-time using a solution called ‘live chat’.

As a customer yourself, you’ve probably used live chat to some extent. Essentially, clicking on live chat allows customers to speak in real-time with either a company representative or an AI bot. Like messaging friends on WhatsApp, the customer can ask questions and get an immediate response.

If you’re new to this field, you’re probably panicking at the number of hours you’ll lose by putting members of the marketing or sales team on this job. Thankfully, artificial intelligence now exists to make your life easier. With AI and machine learning, chatbots can answer simple questions while referring more difficult ones to your sales team. You save time, you communicate with consumers without any manual intervention, and customers get a more enjoyable experience.

Regardless of how you choose to implement live chat, and companies like King Kong can help with them all, here are just some reasons why it can boost conversion rates on your website!

Boost Sales

Although it might sound obvious, one of the best things about live chat is that you can answer the questions of prospective leads and customers in real-time. Sometimes, a simple answer is all these people need to buy your product. If you want to generate sales through the night, use AI bots to answer questions and interact with the 2am shoppers.

Improve Customer Experience

Next, live chat improves the customer experience because they don’t have to sit on the phone or send an email and wait days for a response. Unfortunately, prospective customers are more likely to seek another company than send an email (sorry!). Live chat accommodates their needs and makes people want to do business with you.

If possible, make the live chat experience enjoyable with a friendly tone, emojis, and personalized interaction (rather than following a boring script!).

Encourage Return Customers

When considering conversions, we need to think about returning customers as well as new customers. With a positive live chat experience, people are more likely to stick around (because you’re better than Competitor A where they must send an email just to get some help!). If all goes well, the customer will even recommend your service to others.

Simple and Pain-Free Interaction for Everyone

By storing the information of customers using a CRM, you can even save them the hassle of providing their details whenever they want to contact the business. Instead, they give their name, and you can access their file within seconds. Suddenly, the representative sees what products/services the customer has bought and lots of other small details.


Live chat can improve conversion for your website by allowing hot leads to ask questions that could transform them into customers. With AI bots or employees, leads get the help that they need (even when nobody is in the office!). Elsewhere, the customer experience improves, responses are instant, and you can potentially avoid negative reviews by reacting to issues quickly!

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