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Whether you’re interested in a career at Q3lyngaascyberscoop or just want to find out what the company has to offer, you should be aware of the different VentureBeat Events that will be taking place this year. These include the MetaBeat Summit, the GamesBeat Summit, and the Future of Work Summit.

GamesBeat Summit

Taking place in Los Angeles April 23-24, the GamesBeat Summit is the industry’s premier conference. With more than 800 attendees in person and a slew of online-only presentations, it’s an ideal forum for learning, networking and deal-making.

The conference is centered around a three-day conference featuring an industry-focused program and a keynote from Michael Metzger, partner at Drake Star Partners, as well as a fireside chat with Zynga’s Bernard Kim. While the conference won’t cover the latest and greatest in gaming, it will examine the past, present and future of the industry.

The conference will also focus on innovation and technology. The GamesBeat Summit is designed to appeal to an international audience. For example, the conference will include talks about how commerce can be made across different gaming platforms with the Second Life payment system.

The event will also explore the metaverse. This is the gaming industry’s version of the industrial metaverse, which uses game engines to produce shared experiences and content.

Future of Work Summit

VB’s Future of Work Summit brings together the most influential minds in the field of workplace innovation and technology. It will explore how businesses are reimagining their workplaces, their technology stacks, and their culture.

The event’s schedule is still under wraps, but it will feature talks from leaders in the tech and HR industries. In addition to presentations, attendees will be able to connect with other professionals in the workplace technology and HR space.

The conference will also offer on-demand virtual sessions. After you register, you will have access to recordings from previous sessions. Visitors can access the content from any device. The program will cover HR technologies, workplace culture, and leadership development.

The conference will include speakers from leading companies such as Salesforce, Salesforce.com, and Amazon. It will discuss the transformative impact of technology on the workplace. The summit will also feature an end-user expert discussion panel.

The conference will also explore the role of gender in the future of work. It will feature more than 120 speakers and offer an opportunity to build leadership skills. In addition to the keynote address, attendees can attend several breakout sessions.


Organizers of VentureBeat’s upcoming MetaBeat event have partnered with TerraZero Technologies, the makers of the browser-based 3D world Decentraland, to create the world’s first and only dedicated Metaverse event space. According to the company, this “inventive” space will allow attendees to experience more than the typical virtual event platform.

The company says the event will feature 50 speakers, 30 panels, a demo hall, a scavenger hunt, and a rooftop drinks reception. The company is also partnering with industry experts from Procter & Gamble, Walmart, Roblox, and others to bring the experience to life.

A recent study commissioned by VentureBeat found that more than 80 percent of readers are interested in transformative technology. The site has a social following of two million. It also features a plethora of reliable games industry coverage. It’s no wonder the site’s writers are ranked in the top five by Techmeme.

Aside from the event, VentureBeat is a media company focused on artificial intelligence and gaming. The site has a social following of nearly 2 million, and is the go-to source for news and information on the aforementioned topic.

Careers at VentureBeat

Whether you are an experienced writer or just starting out, you can find a tech job at VentureBeat that suits your skills. If you are curious about the future of technology, want to write about the most important automation stories, and are looking for an opportunity to make a difference in the industry, then you should consider joining the team.

For the next few years, technology and automation are the top priority for enterprise decision makers, and the team at VentureBeat wants to become a leader in explaining these topics. They are currently hosting an online summit that will explore how Artificial Intelligence can help companies of all sizes and industries, including Conversational AI, Computer Vision, IoT & AI at the Edge, and more. You can read more about the Transform 2020 summit here.


In addition to writing articles about AI, you will be responsible for organizing and running VentureBeat events. You will work closely with the VB CEO and Executive Editor to plan events, build relationships with key executives, and secure speakers. You will also help determine overarching themes for VentureBeat events, review submissions, and liaise with internal VB stakeholders. You must have a background in event operations and at least three years experience managing in-person B2B events.

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