The EBT link card allows those who qualify for food assistance to make purchases online. This service automatically loads the funds into an existing Link card. This allows families with school-aged children to make purchases of food for their children. It also enables them to check out their weekly food bill and other financial information online.
Illinois EBT Link Card

If you’re a resident of Illinois and receive SNAP benefits, you may be eligible to apply for the Illinois EBT Link Card. This card offers discounts on many items and services. For example, you can get a discount on your phone service or museum admission. It also allows you to access Amazon Prime. However, this card has a few limitations.
Illinois LINK

There are several ways to make your Illinois LINK eBT card work for you. First, you can use the system to purchase food items at participating restaurants. The system will also allow you to make cash purchases and withdrawals. The Illinois Department of Human Services recommends that you plan ahead and purchase food in advance.
Illinois Food Assistance Program

The Illinois Food Assistance Program (SNAP) is an important program that assists low-income families in buying food. This program is administered by the Illinois Department of Human Services (DHS). Eligible Illinois residents are provided with a plastic card, called an Illinois Food Assistance Program (EBT) link card, to be used at grocery stores. The card is similar to a debit card, and the user enters a PIN to complete their purchase.
Ohio Food Assistance Program

The Ohio Food Assistance Program, or SNAP, provides benefits to thousands of Ohio residents every month. To qualify, a person must meet certain criteria. These requirements depend on the income and resources of a household. Additionally, they consider whether the applicant is enrolled in an employment program or child support program. If you meet the criteria, you will receive an appointment for an interview. Once you complete the interview, the ODJFS will make a final decision on your eligibility.
P-EBT benefits

P-EBT benefits are a federally-approved program that helps pay for meal expenses for students in public schools. Since March 2020, more than $3.4 billion in benefits have been sent to families in New York City. The benefits are available to all public school students regardless of family income or immigration status.
Illinois LINK card

If you have a SNAP or Medicaid card in Illinois, you may be eligible to get an Illinois LINK card. These cards are similar to debit cards and can be used at participating businesses. To use your card, swipe it at the point of sale terminal and enter your PIN. If you want to purchase items not covered by the SNAP program, you must pay separately. Your Illinois LINK card will help you manage your benefits. You can also make changes online or contact the Illinois Department of Human Services if you are unsure.
Illinois LINK card discounts

With your Illinois LINK card, you can get discounts at local museums and attractions. For example, if you purchase a family membership to the Chicago Museum of Illinois, you can get one-third off admission and receive a free child’s admission. Additionally, the Chicago Botanic Garden is always free and you can get discounted parking for up to four vehicles. You can even get discounts on special events and gifts at local businesses. The card looks like a debit card and is issued per family or household.
Illinois LINK card perks

If you have an Illinois Link card, you are eligible to receive a variety of perks. The card works just like a debit card, and you can use it to purchase eligible items at participating locations. To use it, you simply swipe the card at the point-of-sale terminal and enter your PIN to confirm the purchase. However, you must remember to pay separately for non-SNAP items. To manage your Illinois LINK card, visit the Illinois DHS website or call the Illinois LINK card helpline.

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