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It’s no secret that urban legends live on. Azevedotechcrunch inclined to the insatiable desires of the modern age, these oldies are as potent as ever. But in an era of digital amplification and social media-savvy millennials, singer-songwriter phenomenon is also booming. Lyrically rich folk songs are a perfect fit for this generation’s digital culture, and 2016 saw a flood of new artist releases that tapped into this creative energy. From Americana to alt-j, from reggae to flamenco, 2016 was a year of music from all corners of the world—and we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. So here are 10 reasons why you should learn how to play “Songsking” in 2016:

The internet is your general guide to music.

The internet has been critical to the growth and spread of English-language songwriters for decades. It’s where we find our news, our pop culture, and our self-esteem. It’s also where a whole lot of our favorite artists get discovered. The internet has been a wonderful tool for songwriters and musicians alike in 2016. While it’s still in its infancy, the internet has been revolutionizing the way we discover, produce, and consume music.

You probably already know some of these songs.

Here are 10 more things you probably already know: Aboriginal music is still going strong. In fact, 2016 saw a record number of new genres and forms of aboriginal music being released. It’s a great sign that the trends will continue. There are multiple types of currency in the world: Monney and dollars, Euros and pounds, and Dinar and Swiss Franc. These are the universal languages of travel and communication. In fact, monney is the language of the world! Culturally diverse countries have become more diverse in culture. This means that each country has a variety of music, from all over the world, from different time periods, from different social groups. Cultures, organizations, and musical groups are finding their voice.

The Internet is your one-stop shop for news on new releases and album tracks.

The internet is your one-stop shop for news on new releases and album tracks. You can search for artists, tracks, and albums right from your browser. It’s easy to browse artist pages, listen to concert tickets, download samples, and more. It’s also great to look through the FAQs and FAQs section of various websites to find FAQs, FAQs, and more. You can also freely download and stream songs on the internet. For example, if you click on a song on an online service like Spotify, you’ll be taken to the track page where you can download the song. If you click on a song on Apple Music, you’ll be taken to the artist page where you can purchase the song. And so on.

You can discover music by going abroad and exploring the cultures that make music here.

You can’t get music anywhere other than an artist’s hometown. So when it comes to discovering music, you need to go where the ears are. You can’t just look up hits on YouTube, you have to search for them and then find the relevant artists and purchase the song. You can’t do that with the internet—so you’ll have to do some digging, and that includes the foreign language websites where you can learn more about the music you’re listening to.

You’ll have a blast listening to these oldies with friends at parties or in the car together as a group!

We love to listen to oldies in our spare time, on the way to work or on our way home from a commute. And it’s great to do so with your friends. They’re encouraging, they’re fun, and they let you see their side of the “Songsking” thing. You can also check out some of our friends’ lists on social media and see what they’re listening to, or even buy their music.

You’ll have endless ideas for new songs: Drop us a line or leave us a comment and we’ll see what we can come up with!

If you want to create your own music, or you find others are up to the challenge, submit your ideas for new songs. This can be on the Facebook page for a new artist, or it can be on your website. Whatever you do, don’t do this without any idea in mind. Once you submit your idea, it’ll need to be approved by other music writers, and if it’s good enough, it’ll get sent to the printers.


The year was full of great music and with it many great memories. 2016 was an exciting year for music, as new artists and styles were discovered and discovered. We hope you have found some inspiration from these 10 reasons why you should learn how to play “Songsking” in 2016.

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