Mobile Shooting Fish Game Guide

Fish games are the closest thing you have for an arcade game in the casino online. This is the reason why these gambling games are exhilarating and satisfactory.

However, as a gambling game, the odds of winning are scarce. Luckily, you can turn the odds in your favor by employing some techniques and applying some tips like the following.

Pick the game that suits you

Despite being presented with hundreds of games, it is still hard to pick the perfect game that will bring out the best in you. While most players settle for a mediocre fish game title, professional gamblers are picky when it comes to the game that they play.

The key is not to settle on games that are attractive at first but will bore you with a lack of defining features.

Mind the points of each fish species

Just like any shooting game, each of the species of fish in the fish game has an equivalent point value. The bigger the fish, the greater the amount of points you will get and eventually will bring lucrative rewards. The key is to start with small fishes and work your way up.

Analyze the speed of the fish

A lot of people didn’t realize this but not all the fish that appear on the same screen have the same speed of movement. Average-sized fishes tend to move quickly but both small and big fishes move slowly on the screen. The only differences between the latter two is that the bigger fishes require bigger cannons to be killed.

Shoot the bonus targets

Bonus targets are one of the things that spice up the fish shooting game and make things more exciting. They come in a variety of forms such as balloons, pearls, colorful fishes etc. These targets tend to move slowly so you have more time to aim and shoot them.

Avoid shooting the hiding fish

In the fish game, you will notice that there are fishes that are hiding under a rock or a plant. Although they can promise to provide huge points, the reality is that they are hard to kill. You will only find yourself wasting precious time shooting them so it is better to avoid them.

Shoot as they appear

The goal of fish shooting games is to shoot as many fishes as possible until you get decent points. However, most of the fish are very agile and fast so shooting them all would be an impossible task.

The key is to ban ca as they appear on the screen. Focus on the fish that you were able to shoot and let go of others that you cannot.

Only aim at big fish with enough bullets

This tip is probably the most significant piece of information that you will read about fish shooting games. Big fishes like sharks and arowana are equivalent to huge points but are much harder to kill. You might have already used a lot of bullets on these fishes but still they emerge alive.

The key is to catch small fishes first and earn points which you can use later to change your cannon. Once you obtain a bigger cannon, you can now shoot these game bosses with one strike.

Upgrade your cannon

If you want to upgrade your cannon, you can’t do it right away. You need to earn points by killing small fishes first to purchase an upgraded cannon. Once you have accumulated enough points and purchased a better cannon, you can now shoot big fishes that are equivalent to huge rewards.

The bottom linePlaying fish shooting games in the online casino are adrenaline-pumping and rewarding. We hope that the nuggets of wisdom that we imparted on this guide will help you on your betting journey.

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