Most Common Disputes Claimed in Tarpon Springs Construction Sector

The construction sector is an important part of Tarpon Springs’s economy. The city has many different building companies that employ a lot of people from the region. These companies work around tight deadlines and strict regulations to make sure the construction project is completed in time.

Because of this, there are many disputes that occur during the building process. During the disputes, it is essential to have an experienced Tarpon Springs business litigation attorney who is knowledgeable in this field. It is also essential to have the right legal advice to prevent any further disputes during the construction phase.

Many common disputes occur during construction projects in Tarpon Springs. The following are some examples.

  • Bond claims

Bond claims are a common form of dispute that occurs in Tarpon Springs. Many people confuse bond claims with lawsuits. There are differences between the two. Claims usually do not go to court, and damages are not assessed by courts. Instead, claims are heard by some kind of arbitrator or panel. They mainly aim for financial compensation for the claimant. 

  • Payment disputes

Payment disputes are also a common occurrence in Tarpon Spring Construction Projects. Many construction companies do not pay their contractors for their work on time, and if they do, the payment is often less than the agreed-upon amount. There are also many cases when the contractors do not earn wages or get paid less than what they have agreed upon. These issues can be resolved by getting legal help from an experienced law firm.

  • Owners delays

There are many cases when the owners or developers of a building project decide to delay the construction. This occurs because they do not want to lose their investments, or they just want to get more funding. This issue may be resolved by getting legal help from experienced construction attorneys.

  • Mechanic’s liens

Mechanic’s liens occur when a contractor or subcontractor is not paid for their services and instead gets a lien on the property. The contractor or subcontractor can get liens for any amount, even if it is less than what they actually deserve. These disputes are often resolved by getting legal help from an experienced law firm.

  • Construction defects

Construction defects are also common in Tarpon Springs. There are many developers and contractors who do not properly execute their work. It is important to get legal help from experienced construction attorneys to resolve these disputes.

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