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Moviesda is a legal torrent site which enables users to download Tamil movies, latest releases, foreign films, old movies and several other movies. It has an easy interface and also has two main sections- one for Tamil movies and another for Hollywood movies which are dubbed into Tamil. There is an option in the downloads section to make a movie folder. All movies can be downloaded without any charge.

Another interesting feature of mousesda is that you can browse through hundreds of Tamil TV shows and movies. The Tamil language is very beautiful and this feature lets you see the beautiful story of Tamil cinema at its true picture and audio quality. This makes Moviesda a very good option for film piracy online. It also features popular Tamil actors and actresses like H Chennai, Niviyan, UWatchFree Website, Priyadarshan Sankar, Dinnanath Mangeshkar, Ravi Teja, Jayaram Gidar, Kasturha Ravi, Mani Ratnam, Koothu Tirupati, Thiagaraj Gopalakrishnan, Yashminath Tagore, Dissanath, Anjappar, and many more. In case you are looking for some super classics, you will find everything in mousesda, from classics like ankadu ek liyein to modern movies such as kal ke saffron.

Moviesda is not only a good option for film piracy but also a good way to enjoy Tamil movies online. If you have heard about how good Jio Rockers Tamil movies online can be, you should try it now. There is no need to burn discs or to download illegally. Try Moviesda and feel the difference!

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