Moving to Los Angeles: A Detailed Relocation Guide

Moving to Los Angeles has both pros and cons. Pros are that there are plenty of career opportunities and jobs, abundant activities, and enough housing options and the cons are, it is a pretty expensive place to move to. The real estate rates are very high and people pay more than half of their monthly income on house rent. Many people live in rented apartments for all their life as it is hard buying a house there. But if you have secured a job there and moving internationally to be in Los Angeles, do not lose hope as here we present a guide for you to relocate to Los Angeles smoothly. If you are moving from some other corner of the globe, it may take a while for you to learn the lifestyle and culture of Los Angeles, and also, it is wise to plan your international move well.

Life in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a diversified city that welcomes all genres and breeds with open arms. The city has immigrants from around the world including English people along with Latinos, Asians, and Hispanics. Like people, even the landscape of the city is diverse that including both mountains and beaches. Some of the famous neighborhoods of Los Angeles are Chinatown, Little Tokyo, and Little America and as the names suggest, these places are dedicated to specific ethnicities. It is a well-known fact that Los Angeles is a lively city that has plentiful activities to explore. The ever-gorgeous Griffith Park, the film city Hollywood, and many museums add value to the city. So before you pack your bags and take a flight and book movers in Los Angeles, here we present a guide to help you relocate to Los Angeles and understand a few important things beforehand.

Find the Right House

The sunny warm weather, glamorous lifestyle, and enough job opportunities attract many professionals to come and make Los Angeles their home. Finding a home in Los Angeles within your budget may be a challenge but you can narrow your search based on the cost of housing. Though housing is extremely expensive in Los Angeles, some areas can be explored for lower rates. People prefer sharing apartments and to find roommates in Los Angeles; in fact, some people have more than one roommate to save money on rent.

While choosing a home to live in, make sure you also consider the distance between your workplace and your residence. You should also consider the type of lifestyle you want to follow while searching for a home. For instance, if you like a laid-back lifestyle or you want to live a happening nightlife.

Along with housing cost, workplace distance, and lifestyle, there are many other factors that you should consider while searching for a home in Los Angeles that includes the availability of public transportation, crime rate, and freeways, etc.


Though the Metro System of Los Angeles is expanding continuously, public transportation is still a challenge for many. Public buses, mini shuttles, and rails operate in specific areas so people prefer other options over public transport. The first option that many Los Angeles residents opt for is ride-sharing so cab-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft are very popular among local people. The city has launched many campaigns to promote ride-sharing in Los Angeles to save fuel, time, and money. Another preferred type of transportation is driving your own car but then be ready to learn the complicated freeway driving system for driving on heavy traffic Los Angeles roads.


It is highly recommended to grab a job before you plan to move to an extremely expensive city like Los Angeles. But if you have already moved here due to whatever reason, finding a good job should be on your high priority list. Finding a job in Los Angeles is probably the easiest among all other moving-related tasks. Los Angeles is home to many big employers of the country including Google, Amazon, Hulu, The Walt Disney Company Studios, Nestle USA, and Jet Propulsion Laboratory, etc. While all these are big names, there are plenty of other companies that offer employment. The minimum wages in Los Angeles vary according to the number of employees in a company but still the least wage per hour is $13.25/hour. Los Angeles is the “Entertainment Capital of the World” and offers many jobs in the entertainment industry and tourism industry. Even during the pandemic Covid-19, Los Angeles has the lowest unemployment rate.


It is needless to say that there are plenty of activities to do when you are in Los Angeles so spending your weekends won’t be an issue there. While you can go to Venice Beach for a resting weekend, Hollywood can be a happening place where you can even spot a celebrity. Art Museums, shopping places like Grand Central Market are some of the more places where you can consider spending your weekend.

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