My Child May Be Eligible for SSDI Benefits

Employees with disabilities eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits get a monthly check based on their typical pre-disability income. The highest SSDI benefit you might be eligible for in 2022 is $3,345 per month. Unfortunately, some people find this insufficient to cover their expenses, especially if they have children. Fortunately, if you have got dependent children, you might be eligible for additional benefits. A skilled disability lawyer can help you determine whether you have the conditions that qualify for LTD.

Does my Child need to have a Disability to be Eligible?

For your child to be eligible for SSDI benefits, they do not need to have a disability. Instead, they need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • They need to be single, 
  • younger than 18 or 
  • younger than 19 and enrolled full-time in high school 

If your child marries before turning 18, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will stop paying benefits to you if you are eligible for them.

Additionally, the child must be linked to you in one of the ways listed below:

  • You must have them as a biological child.
  • They must be the child you adopted.
  • Your stepchild must be them.
  • If you possess legal custody and there is no living parent, your grandchild
  • if you adopted the kid and there is no living parent, your step-grandchild

You might need to prove parentage to be eligible for benefits if you were not married when the child was born.

What is the Dependent Child Benefit Amount per Month?

Between 150 and 180% of your monthly compensation will be covered by the SSA. Let us imagine you get a $1,400 monthly disability benefit payment as an illustration. You might get an extra $700 bonus if your youngster qualifies. However, if you had two children who met the requirements, you would not get an additional $700; instead, each child would get an extra $350 in benefits to keep within the 150-180% range.

What You Would Need to Register for Child Benefits.

You must deliver the following documents to the SSA to be eligible for benefits for your child:

  • The birth certificate, adoption papers, or any documentation of your child
  • Proof of American citizenship or legal status as a resident immigrant
  • If your child earned money in the previous year, check their W-2 or other tax records.

You must demonstrate that you are married to the child’s adoptive or natural parent to get benefits for a stepchild.

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