The previous chapter dealt with how a company can optimize its website for reach, relationship, and reputation so that it can reap maximum benefits from this digital marketing channel. This chapter looks at optimizing another digital marketing channel—the mobile channel. The ever-changing landscape of mobile devices and its related technology makes it important for the digital marketing team to continuously learn and understand this channel when planning optimization strategies. Thus, the team must actively monitor any changes in technology and the inception of new tools.

Lack of awareness of the latest developments in Digital Marketing or simply ignoring the latest trends may result in a company’s inability to compete effectively. Creating consistent brand messaging across the company’s main website (used primarily by desktops and laptops) and its mobile website (used by mobile tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices), engaging with customers proactively, and responding efficiently to customer queries using effective customer support systems help companies build and maintain good relationships with their customers.

This chapter describes a number of tools and methods by which a company can build a strong reach, relationship, and reputation through the mobile/tablet/devices digital marketing channel to help the business achieve its digital marketing targets. Figure 5-1 provides an overview of the processes in this chapter. These are as follows: 5.1 Optimize Mobile Site and App for Reach—In this process, a company’s mobile site should be optimized to encourage the use of the mobile site and app and thus maximize reach.

As described in section 3.2 a good mobile site design will ensure the content is easily accessible, readable, and actionable. Whether this is achieved using the responsive design approach or through the development of a separate site, the design of the mobile site should aim to provide the best viewing experience—including strong usability; easy-to-read content; simple navigation; and minimal resizing, panning, and scrolling—on all portable devices, such as tablets and mobile phones, among others.

A responsive site design adapts the layout to the viewing environment. Many companies hire specialists to write such code because it takes extensive training and time to make a website responsive. Mobile apps also need to be designed to maximize reach and achieve targets using various tools and techniques.

When designing a mobile app, a company needs to make it user-friendly and intuitive, creating a simple design that makes using the app as easy as possible. Many tools can be used to optimize a well-designed mobile site and mobile app to maximize reach and contribute to the overall digital marketing targets.

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