Padded Brooklyn Designer Dog Harness at The Paw Co

Dogs are known to be man’s best friend. And if you are a dog lover, then it is pretty much sure that you must be having a furry member in your house. They are the best stress busters for people surrounded by loneliness. They bring joy and happiness with their cuteness and playing activities. Now if you have been searching for dog apparel that would suit your pet’s fashion, then you need not have to look for any alternatives when The Paw Co comes as the one-stop solution for all dog lovers to shop for designer dog harnesses and water-proof jackets, etc.

Some dogs love splashing in the water, swimming, and enjoying the rainy weather. Now seeing dark clouds in the sky does bring cheers to the faces of people who get drenched in rain, but others do not feel like moving outside. It becomes more irritating for them when their pet dog gets drenched in rain and spills the water all over the home by shaking its wet body. So to avoid doing double hard work in cleansing your house, you would like to invest in purchasing a jacket or a raincoat for your furry friend. 

And the best spot to bet on is The Paw Co. Here you can check out the latest fashion that would give comfort to your pet. The company has reformed dog fashion by coming up with top designer clothing and accessories for your dogs. The one big reason why you need to visit this online store is their materials are made up of high quality plus standout design works. 

The Paw Co: What is it?

The Paw Co is a leading designer dog clothing and accessories brand in Australia. The company is known for the latest and trendy wearable fashion for dogs. Here you can shop for shirts (without sleeves), reversible harnesses, beds, boots, bowties, bandanas, and raincoats. 

The company ensures your dog holds the attention of people in your neighborhood when you go for your regular walk. Being a pioneer in fashionable clothing accessories for four-legged furry friends, it is the best platform for dog owners to shop for designer harnesses and waterproof jackets for their pet dogs. 


For all those dog lovers looking to buy a padded dog harness with an attractive design, then The Paw Co comes with an offer of a Brooklyn padded dog harness with a stylish olive design. It comes featured with polished silver hardware, with the diamond quilted outing, straps, and buckles which are molded according to the convenience of your furry friend. If you choose to buy this product, then there is no inclusion of a leash, plus, there will be no charge for shipping all around the world. 

In case you face some issue with the product then there is a provision for exchange and returns. This will cost you 56.49 AUD. You can opt for different colors other than olive. It comes in Navy Blue. The price may vary from color to color with The Paw Co logo. While placing an order you need to be sure about which size you want to have because it comes in small, medium, large, and extra large.

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