Post-Pandemic learning: a change in perspective By Fahim Moledina

Ever since the beginning of the pandemic, the world has been shattered and taken into a new phenomenon, and everything that was normal around us changed to a new leaf. But one of the most important things a shift in paradigm took place in the form of e-learning. It has changed the outlook of education and also proposed new and dynamic ideas for learning and exploring the world by means of technology.

Our expert Fahim Moledina proposed e-learning as one of the cores and the major shift in the current teaching and learning experience, and this blog explains to you how important it is to have a cooperative and constructive learning module around us in the times of e-learning.

Here are some of the important things to keep in consideration when it comes to e-learning and how it helps you to regulate the whole scenario when it comes to learning from home in modern times.

  1. The impact of e-learning on the modern environment:

One of the main things that took place over the course of time was the shift from learning in the classrooms to learning that took place online. However, students all over the world took it seriously, and the classes began to occur. At the same time, some adopted to go for the online sessions while the others have to rely upon the recorded session. Each one of us deals according to the available resources and also according to the learning environment that suits the student of modern times. 

E-learning was used as an impact resource which helped the teachers and students to fill in the gap between teaching and learning experience. However, there are different kinds of advantages of e-learning that help students worldwide.

2. The effectiveness of e-learning in modern times:

People all around the world have argued the importance of learning and having hands-on experience in the whole process of getting themselves knowledge and understanding. But Fahim Moledina argues the importance of creating the gap between no educations and having the advantage of getting knowledge while we were only allowed to stay in front of the computers and not leave our homes at the same time.

Moreover, it also shows that people around the world also discuss the different learning senses that were used during the process of e-learning, like the auditory learners and visual learners were able to get a better comprehension of the learning strategies.

On the other hand, the teachers were able to think critically and also enabled the learners to create a better and effective learning style without the implementation of a teacher-centered approach to teaching.

3. The advantages of e-learning:

There are a number of advantages of e-learning when it comes to learning and developing a learning style. However, it is important to note that e-learning has many distinct advantages, and one among them in times of pandemic was to stay safe and secure in the domain of your own home and keep on with the process of learning without risking the life of yourself and others around you.

Moreover, it also helps those get back on the track of education who were trying to make both ends meet and also trying to complete their education along with studies.

In learning, you could join in with the recorded sessions and be a part of webinars that enables the learners to get back on their education track at the time and place that is suitable to them.

E-learning has also brought about some challenges when there is a lack of resources and the time and place of learning aren’t supportive enough. Fahim Moledina also argues that without the proper training of teachers and instructors, e-learning will not be able to achieve those desired goals, and in order to achieve that, we need to get out teachers and instructors to get the right amount of training to be able to conduct those sessions smoothly.

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