Pressure Washer Machine, how it Works, and its Application

A pressure washer machine is preferred for cleaning automobiles, wall fences, and sidewalks. Both private and commercial establishments use this machine due to its ability to give a brightly clean look. This article acknowledges a buyer interested in purchasing a pressure washer machine on its features and how it works.

A pressure washer is commonly known as a carwash machine. It is suitable for domestic and commercial use since it’s available in different models. When choosing a pressure washer machine, one should identify the intended purpose of the machine to buy the correct pressure washer machine.

How the pressure washer machine works

A pressure washer machine has a hose through which water passes. A bypass valve facilitates pressure increment at the tip of the hose, which makes the water pump high pressure. This feature creates efficiency while washing a car or a wall since the water pumped in high pressure will eradicate the dirt.

A pressure washer machine is designed to comfort the user while operating it. The user can pull the water trigger sparingly to maintain the pressure. The hose design regulates the pressure throughout the cleaning process. It is also designed to comfort you in your standing position throughout the cleaning process.

Features of a pressure washer machine

Motor: It’s the engine of the machine. It’s powered by either fuel or electricity to drive the pump.

Drive system: A pipe is connected to the engine. Pressure generated becomes greater due to the compact. In most commercial pressure washer machines, the belt drive is mostly applied to increase the machine’s lifespan by reducing vibration and heat from the engine.

Axial system: The machine has a piston to facilitate greater power delivery for both medium and heavy-duty applications.

Delivery system: It consists of a wand, hose, and tips. These accessories should be arranged and rated accordingly. Failure to check their ratings may lead to the poor performance of the machine.

What to consider when buying a pressure washer machine

The type of dirt you want to clean off will determine how powerful the pressure washer machines you will need. Grease stains are hard to remove. Thus a powerful machine will be needed. Algae and other fungi can be removed easily; therefore, a less powerful pressure washer is needed.

Note that the pressure washer price in Kenya depends on the brand and model of the machine. A pressure washer designed for commercial use has an engine with greater power than the washer machines designed for domestic use. The size of the engine contributes greatly to the price.

Sectors that need pressure washer machines in their industry

Rental property – pressure washer machine is essential in cleaning parking lots, wall fences, and pavements. A hot water pressure washer is preferred in this industry for quickly removing dirt in a large area.

Agriculture – The machinery in this industry needs cleaning after an operation. Tractors and tools need to be cleaned after operation for good maintenance. Pressure washers remove dirt and grease which might be stuck in their surfaces.

Food industry – Health organizations have created standards for restaurants and wineries to maintain cleanliness. A hot water pressure washer disinfects and thoroughly cleans kitchen hoods, floors, and waste areas.


Pressure washer machines are available nationwide from various dealers. Do you want to acquire one? Go to the nearest dealer shop with the knowledge you have acquired in this article, and you won’t regret acquiring a pressure washer machine. Source:

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