Pure Cow Ghee: Some Common Myths and Benefits

Do you have concerns about cow ghee? Do you want to know if it is good for you? Don’t be concerned. We’re here to answer your questions. To start, we’d want to say definitively that desi ghee is beneficial.

What is the difference between ghee and desi ghee?

Ghee is manufactured from grass-fed cow’s milk that is desi and pesticide-free. Cows are typically fed processed corn feed, which lowers the quality of milk and, as a result, lowers the quality of ghee produced. That’s highly improbable for desi ghee, which comes from a source that’s 100 percent desi (cow’s milk) and contains no chemical additives.

Pure Cow Ghee – A best choice for your complete diet.” Many people have turned to refined oils in recent years, which can be one of modern cooking’s biggest errors. High in critical vitamins and fatty acids, its use can significantly improve your health. We’ve compiled a list of common myths about ghee as well as its benefits to help you understand it better. Continue reading to learn more about its nutritional worth and potential health effects.

Some Myths About Cow Ghee

For years, there have been many misconceptions about ghee. Here are a few of the most well-known:

  • Consuming ghee on a daily basis can be detrimental to one’s general health.
  • Pure cow ghee is harmful to the heart and has been linked to an increase in cholesterol levels.
  • Ghee is fattening by nature and functions as a weight loss deterrent.

Although, none of these connections are correct. Ghee is a valued Ayurvedic staple with remarkable healing effects. Its inherent existence in Ayurveda attests to this. To dispel these fallacies, below are a few advantages of ghee.

5 Proven Benefits of Consuming Cow Ghee

1. A pro immunity booster

Ghee boosts immunity by being a rich source of antioxidants, vitamin A, and other minerals. Antioxidants can help to neutralise the effects of free radicals, preventing them from causing cell damage. Butyric acid, a short-chain acid present naturally in ghee, is also known to boost immunity.

Aside from that, pure ghee improves the body’s absorption of minerals and vitamins from other foods. It also has antiviral and antimicrobial properties. The daily consumption of ghee, which is high in nutrients, can help to improve general health and immunity.

2. A friend for your heart

Switching to ghee instead of refined oil for a healthy heart is recommended due to its nutritious richness. It aids in weight loss by increasing metabolism and muscle endurance. It is also thought to aid in the prevention of calcium deposits in the arteries, which can obstruct blood flow.

The fats in ghee are not stored in the body and are instead utilised as energy. Furthermore, it lowers bad cholesterol levels while increasing good cholesterol, resulting in a healthy heart and maintaining a balance.

3. Bye Bye Toxins!

Do you want to know how to detox with ghee? We’ve got your back. When it comes to detoxification, the advantages of ghee much outweigh the disadvantages. Desi ghee will aid in the removal of toxins and bugs from the intestines while also promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria. It also helps the liver generate new bile, flushes fat-soluble poisons and molecules out of the body, lubricates the tight tissues, maintains a stable mood, boosts energy levels, and pulls old bile out of the body. All of this clearly demonstrates that it is a potent detoxifying agent.

To detox with ghee,

  • Eat 2-3 teaspoons of ghee on an empty stomach for three days, then drink warm water.
  • Combine this with a daily ghee body massage for 15-20 minutes, followed by 5-10 minutes of rest and a lovely warm shower.

4. An aid for your skin

Have you been looking for a way to save money on your skincare? Make ghee a part of your diet. Its use on a regular basis promotes a youthful appearance. It illuminates skin from the inside out, keeps natural moisture in place, and cleanses the system. It is high in healthy fatty acids, which helps the skin cells hydrate from the inside out, making the skin soft and bright.

Ghee’s high antioxidant content fights free radical damage to the skin, which helps to slow down the ageing process. After a warm shower, gently massage your skin with warm ghee for 2-3 minutes. It is also a tried-and-true treatment for chapped lips, which are especially common in the winters. Apply a drop of desi ghee on your lips overnight to get soft, moisturised lips!

5. Improves digestion

Do you have trouble digesting food? Ghee made from desi cows can be beneficial. Butyric acid can be found in abundance in pure ghee. Butyric acid has the critical virtue of promoting the health of gut walls. This acid stimulates an immunological response that reduces inflammation and aids in appropriate meal digestion.

While other fats and oils in the body can obstruct digestion, butyric acid increases stomach acids, allowing food to be digested more quickly. It also helps to keep constipation at bay by regulating bowel movements. Nova is one of the leading manufacturers of pure ghee in India and cow ghee price are pocket friendly as compared to others.

In the end…

The inclusion of desi ghee in your diet might provide a number of advantages. Pure cow ghee, an age-old substance, may actually nourish you and help keep diseases at bay. Make it your primary cooking fat for sauteing or use it instead of butter on baked goods to ensure daily consumption.

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