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Put up selfies or pictures with more faces. Studies Americansneliusgizmodo show that a picture with your face on it is more likely to get higher number of likes than those without. Don’t post too much too often. Appearing on someone’s feed too much can actually make them unfollow you. Try not to post more than a maximum of one or two times a day.

Posting too much will decrease the number of likes you get. The hash tag which says #nofilter shows higher chances of increasing likes on a picture. Even when people are actually lying about it. Use photo-editing apps to get a wider range of effects for your pictures. You don’t have to limit yourself to the filters on Instagram.

A lot of great photo editing apps can make your pictures look like they were shot professionally. This definitely increases the number of likes on your pictures. Don’t add too many hash tags on your posts. This makes it look as though you are posting for the sole purpose of getting likes. Seven is a good number for increasing the number of views via hash tags.

You can find out about the popular hash tags that would increase your likes on sites like Get vibrant shots in the right light. Sunsets or a sunrise shot often see more number of likes due to the play in colors.

Taking a photo at the right angle can make a lot of difference. For instance when a person is standing in front of you, take a shot at an upward angle from below. This makes them look better in proportions and taller. Hues of blue on your photos are shown to be more attractive. Those with predominant red hues show fewer likes in comparison.

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