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Inside Higher Ed is a media company that provides news, opinion, events and careers for those involved in higher education. Owned by Times Higher Education, it has helped more than 2,000 institutions find qualified applicants. The company’s online presence is a powerful recruiting tool. It has over 110,000 subscribers and has helped fill more than 2,000 job vacancies.
Inside Higher Ed is a media company

Inside Higher Ed is a media company that focuses on the higher education industry. Its website features news, opinion, and resources. It also lists thousands of jobs and offers career advice. The company was founded in 2004 by three executives with decades of experience in higher education journalism and recruitment. They decided that the time was right to create a new media company dedicated to higher education.
It provides online news, opinion and career advice

Inside higher ed provides online news, opinions, and career advice for higher-education professionals. It is a free source of information. The website promotes itself as a more accessible alternative to the Chronicle of Higher Education. Its staff is made up of three former executives of the Chronicle.
It has helped over 2,000 institutions fill vacancies

Inside Higher Ed Careers is a job board that caters to the needs of higher education professionals. The site offers a niche audience and various job posting packages. It also allows users to search for positions by category and location, and can help both employers and job seekers. Inside Higher Ed has over 2,000 institutions listed on its website. The site is more expensive than other higher education job boards, but it does have the advantage of being syndicated.
It is owned by Times Higher Education

Inside higher education is an online publication that provides news, opinion, resources and events on college and university topics. It was purchased by Times Higher Education in 2022 from private equity firm Quad Partners. The company is based in Washington, D.C. Its founders include Scott Jaschik and Doug Lederman. They are joined by Kathlene Collins, a former business manager at The Chronicle of Higher Education.
It is ranked #10 on the Best Media Companies to Work For in District of Columbia

Inside Higher Ed is one of the best media companies to work for in the District of Columbia, according to Zippia’s Best Places to Work list. The list is based on employee feedback, as well as data compiled from proprietary and government sources. Its competitors include The Chronicle of Higher Education, the Oregonian Media Group, and Fisher Communications.
It is headquartered in Washington, D.C.

The company’s content is geared toward colleges and universities worldwide, providing news and analysis on college-related issues. While headquartered in Washington, DC, the company has offices in the US, Australia and Europe.

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