Responsible Parties In A Houston Truck Accident

Information about the federal laws of a state concerning truck accidents might be known to some people. Only a well-versed attorney can throw light on the legal implications or determine which party is responsible for a truck accident. A major truck accident lawyer will delve deep into the case and investigate the collision to help the victim sue the negligent person. According to case findings of most truck accidents, the parties who can be liable are:

The Truck Driver:

The truck driver can be held responsible for an accident if his carelessness is the cause of the accident. This can result from the consumption of alcohol or drugs before driving, overspeeding and not considering the conditions of the road or the size of the vehicle, distracted driving, disobeying the traffic signals or the actions of fellow drivers, ignoring the rest period, which might lead to an accident due to fatigue. Although the commercial truck driver might not be sued personally, one can sue their employer.

The Trucking Company:

It is the responsibility of the trucking company to provide all the truck drivers with proper safety training, ensure that they maintain a valid commercial license, allow optimum breaks to the drivers, employ a responsible individual for loading and unloading the vehicle, indulge in the regular inspection of all the parts of the truck with the help of a qualified mechanic, and make sure that all the safety standard are followed lawfully.

The Manufacturer Of The Truck:

Any manufacturing company is a profit-making organisation that disregards consumer safety to ensure a profit by using inferior raw materials. It is also essential for the manufacturer to conduct a proper test of all the materials and the final product before launching it into the market and provide adequate information on the label regarding any hazards associated with the product. 

The Inspector Or mechanic:

As mentioned earlier, it is the trucking company’s responsibility to ensure a regular inspection of all the parts of the vehicles. However, if the company has taken all the preventive measures, but the negligence came from the mechanic or the third party involved in the inspection, they can also be sued along with the trucking company. 

Final Thoughts:

In a truck accident, irrespective of a major or a minor one, it is crucial to seek prior assistance from an attorney who would provide essential legal advice and ensure a smooth compensation claim procedure. 

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