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Are you planning on giving a CCIE exam? Before that, you Investmentslundentechcrunch should check out the changes made to these exams and labs. The CCIE exam lab simulator has been through various changes. Hence, it might make you change your decision. 

Due to the various technological changes, Cisco has been making changes to the syllabus, etc. Therefore, to prepare for the CCIE exams, you can take help from SPOTO CCIE LAB

Here’s everything you should know about this. 

The old CCIE

While CCIE is the top IT certification, it is not very easy. CCIE holders have extensive knowledge of networking. 

You can choose from seven different certification programs to opt for. All of these certifications are expert-level and provide candidates with immense knowledge. 

These include; CCIE Routing and Switching, CCIE Wireless, CCIE Service Provider, CCIE Security, CCIE Data Center, CCIE Collaboration, and CCDE. 

For CCIE Routing and Switching, you have to pass a written exam. The written exam is what you need to prove yourself for this certification. Once you have passed it, you can appear for the lab exam. 

You have two tries for the lab exams. Therefore, if you do not pass the first try, you can try for a second time. For this, you can take help from SPOTO Cisco

The new CCIE Certification

As CCIE has changed the certification, it offers. These are the new certifications they have introduced; CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure, CCIE Enterprise Wireless, CCIE Data Center, CCIE Security, CCIE Service Provider, and CCIE Collaboration. 

The most notable change they have made in their certifications is that they no longer offer CCIE Routing and Switching. New certifications have replaced all their previous certifications. This change took place in 2020. 

CCIE Enterprise and Infrastructure are now replacing CCIE Routing and Switching. This has a similar process to CCIE Routing and Switching. This means candidates have to go through two processes. 

The first process is the written exam, and the second is the lab exam. The main exam is similar to the CCNP Enterprise exam. 

Hence, you have the option of either choosing a CCIE Certification or CCNP certification. The time duration for the exams is still the same. However, in the past, these certifications were valid for only two years. Now they are valid for three years. 

While these changes are not that major, they can still affect your decision to choose the certifications. 

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