Save the date wording ideas

You’ve already set the date and booked the venue, so the next step is to send the save the date card! Whether your wedding date is first announced or changed due to unforeseen circumstances, make sure your friends and family can be there for your special day and give them adequate notice with stylish save the date cards. At this point, you just need to let your loved one know the basic details to make sure they record your big day in a journal and start thinking about how they will get there. We offer a wide range of designs for your save the date cards, many of which give you the opportunity to share a lovely photo from your engagement photo-shoot or your most recent romantic getaway.

There’s no rule that says the dates you save have to match the rest of your wedding stationery, but they’re the first time your guests see your wedding, so you may want to keep the rest of your favorites in mind when choosing your wedding stationery kit the design of. They will also be the first hint of your wedding style and your opportunity to show your personality, so keep your wording style consistent across all your wedding stationery. Don’t know how to save the date card perfectly? Before exploring our traditional and informal storage date representations, check out the following to learn what you should and shouldn’t include in your storage date! As you can see, date cards are usually short and sweet!

What’s included on the save the date card

Save the date cards are there to let guests know when and where the wedding will take place, so they can take a break from work and start thinking about transportation and accommodation. Here are some important things to include when storing date cards:

  •         Happy couple names
  •         Wedding day
  •         The city, city, region or country where the wedding took place
  •         Let people know your invitation will be followed

What is not included in the date card storage?

Since you don’t want to give too much detail at this point and you probably haven’t decided the execution order of the day, here are a few things you don’t need to include in your date card storage:

  •         Chairman name
  •         Ceremonial or reception hours
  •         Reply details

My heart goes out to everyone whose wedding plans have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. We know how important it is to celebrate a special day with the one you love. So, we’ll help you communicate with beautiful stationery that makes weddings and receptions smile. Our Change Dates page guides you to share new details about your wedding postponement, and the Save Your Date advice below is expertly written to reflect these uncertain times.

Save informal date phrases

Storing date cards informally is a great way to set the tone for a modern, relaxed wedding! Save the date cards to announce your engagement and share the joy with your loved ones. Use our photo save the date magnet to show photos from your new ring or engagement photoshoot and get details on when and where your wedding will take place. Personalize your date card phrases and give your guests only the essential details they need to book a vacation for their wedding. Take a look below to save some informal date card stationery ideas. However, this is just a suggestion, so don’t hesitate to be creative when writing your first wedding phrase.

When should I send my save the date card?

Once you have a date set and a venue booked or agreed to postpone your big day. It’s never too early to send a save the date card because the more your guests know, the more likely they are to attend. The upcoming wedding season will be busier than usual to accommodate celebrations delayed by the coronavirus pandemic. Your guests may be attending several weddings this year, so advance notice is appreciated so they can begin preparations. If you’re having a wedding during the holiday season or decide to have a destination wedding, you’ll want to get you save the date card out as soon as possible so guests can book off-hours and start thinking about transportation and lodging options.

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