Should I consider switching to a bong?

So, smoking cigarettes is not looked upon fondly by modern society. There are almost no places outside your own home or the wilderness where you can actually even enjoy a cigarette due to increasing laws against them around public spaces. It has been many years since you can smoke on a plane, and close to that long since you could smoke in a restaurant or bar. Well, unless you want to switch to an electronic solution, these problems can be fixed, however, let’s look at the reason why smoking is so frowned upon in the first place, and at least find a healthier way to do it in places where we can!

The biggest problem with smoking is that the smoke contains toxic compounds. It’s not actually the nicotine, as while it is an addictive substance, it is only toxic and extremely high doses no one is ever likely to encounter. No, it is in fact the ash and various carcinogenic compounds which are a byproduct of combustion that are so toxic to you. It’s pretty obvious that these sorts of things are really meant to go in your lungs, of course.

Well, a bong might be a way to more healthily enjoy your tobacco. You have probably encountered these devices before either from personal use, seeing them in movies, or seeing them on the shelves of your local smoke shop. In Western culture, various dry herbs are the things of choice to use with them, with a lot of people forgetting that they were designed for tobacco in the first place. In many places in the world, this is still their primary use, as surprising as it may seem.

Given that with a bong, the smoke is pulled through water before being inhaled, the very nature of the smoke is changed in several ways. First, water is an excellent compound to filter things, and it takes most of the action carcinogens out of the smoke, giving you primarily the ordeals that you crave from the smoke in the first place. It also cools the smoke and adds humidity to it, taking harshness and irritation away which is present with other, more direct ways of smoking.

You can also add flavorings like syrups, extracts or even spirits to the water, which will flavor the smoke, and in the case of the spirits, even make it very mildly intoxicating. Obviously, if you had spirits, you shouldn’t be driving anywhere afterwards, as while it isn’t nearly as intoxicating as straight-up imbibing alcohol, you can’t be too careful.

Obviously, you can’t use these in places where smoking is prohibited, so it doesn’t solve that problem, but smoking is prohibited in these places because tobacco smoke is incredibly toxic. That’s important, and worthy of note. So, if you want a healthier way to enjoy your tobacco, consider looking into bongs. Shisha Glass is the best place in Australia to search for the right bong for your personal needs and tastes!

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