Steps to take against blackmail

Online blackmail has become a common phenomenon now. Almost all of us have been the target of it up till now in one form or the other. However, it has also become a must now to take action against it. It is very much possible now to take legal action against these hackers and there are proper ways you can report this cybercrime. Therefore, read on to educate yourself about some of the ways you can take action against this ابتزاز الكتروني:

Keep a record of the conversation

As the blackmailers have become much smarter now, it is a must to collect information against them along the way so that you have the evidence of the harassment against them. This evidence can then later be used as a proof to prosecute these العصابة المغربية and report to the authority on a legitimate ground. Whatever evidence there might be either in the form of messages, voice notes, calls, or videos, it is a must to keep a record of it because evidence makes your case all the stronger.

Reach out to the authorities

Many cybercrime agencies have been established to especially cater to this ever-growing crime. They have helplines or online reporting portals. You can both call them directly or get your report recorded. Another thing you can do is that file a report on their online portal and upload all the evidence along with it as well. The legal officers, after viewing your report, contact you regarding the proceedings as soon as possible and help you with getting to the cybercriminal and getting them punished for their crime.

Inform your family and friends

There are two important reasons to do so. First, if you feel like the privacy of your social media has been compromised, inform your family and friends as soon as possible so that they take the necessary steps of reporting the crime and also saving themselves from becoming the next potential target.

Another reason to do so is for emotional support. If you are the target of emotional blackmail, it tends to take a bad toll on your mental health. So it is necessary to have people around you to support you. Also, who knows some of your friends might know people from cybercrime agencies who will help you get to your blackmailer and get them punished.

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