Stylish Kitchen Cabinets and Shelves: Ideas for Your Kitchen Design

In any kitchen, regardless of its area, cabinets are simply necessary. They can be with or without shelves, open or closed, wall-mounted, floor, or corner ones. But you can meet them almost everywhere from miniature apartments in condominiums to luxurious mansions and villas. Most often, classic design implies a standard arrangement of kitchen and bathroom cabinets, when all cabinets are located along a blank wall. Often, some of them are taken out as separate islands, occupy corners, or are located under the window. And the variety of kitchen cabinets in Charlotte is simply amazing. So let’s see what stylish ideas you can use to furnish your kitchen in 2022.

The Most Stylish Kitchen Cabinets

What is at the peak of fashion in kitchen interior design today?

  • White color is always in fashion. Use it in its purest form to design kitchen cabinets. Particularly impressive are cabinets with French-style fronts, which combine their deep white color with the contrasting shade of the flooring.
  • Minimalism is always a good idea. The less elaborate decor and complex shapes, the easier it is for the owner of the house to take care of the furniture. And, by the way, the minimalistic design of cabinets allows you to visually increase the space of the kitchen.
  • Cabinets that not only serve as storage places but also disguise built-in household appliances behind their doors. In this case, your kitchen will look stylish and solid, and household appliances will be hidden behind the doors, and will not distract attention to themselves. In such cabinets, you can equip a connection not only for a dishwasher or oven, but you can also hide a refrigerator, microwave, grill, and much more in niches.
  • Сabinets of different widths are this year’s fashion trend. In this case, you get a complex geometry of space, enough storage space, and at the same time a stylish design of the room.
  • Another convenient and fashionable trend is cabinets with internal lighting with LED lamps or bands. In addition to the obvious aesthetics, such furniture also copes with the task of convenient storage, because you will always see where and what is located on the shelves.

Stylish kitchen cabinets can become a reference point for the overall design concept of your kitchen. Therefore, their choice should be given special attention. In addition, high-quality and beautiful furniture in the kitchen guarantees the hostess a good mood and inspiration for cooking the most delicious dishes.

If you are not confident in your abilities or are lost in the many interesting ideas for kitchen furniture, we will give you one last piece of advice. Check with a good designer or space organizer. Their tips will help you make the kitchen a comfortable and cozy place.

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