Sustainable Home Gyms: How to Set Up Your Own

With the introduction of quarantine measures, the issue of arranging a place for sports at home has gained particular relevance. Your home is increasingly taking on additional functions – a study room, a creative studio, and even a gym. It is already clear that you can go in for sports at home all the time, the main thing is to organize the space properly.

Reasons for setting up a sustainable home gym

Having exercise equipment at home offered by Tonic Performance is a profitable investment. You don’t have to renew your fitness club membership and waste time on the road. Strangers do not distract with conversations; you do not need to choose the time and wait for the exercise machine to become free. This is also a way to cope with embarrassment for many of us – strangers do not look at you. You can try new techniques and not worry about your insufficiently athletic body parameters. The already purchased trainers will not go anywhere, unlike the subscription, which is limited to expiration dates.

However, you might need to make some changes in your home in order to arrange a home gym. You might have to play with the space of your home, to create a few additions or to rearrange the whole look of it. While it does sound overwhelming, you must not forget that you can always choose to work with professionals who will do all this work for you. Experts who excel in home remodel in Sacramento can be a good example of the help you can get from people who will be the right answer for you.

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Choosing a floor covering for your home gym

Sports activities can be loud, especially if it is cardio jumping or kettlebell lifting. To not be too noisy, it makes sense to take care of the soundproofing of the floor. You can use a rubber covering or lay a cork covering as a healthy low-VOC home gym floor. This type of flooring has a slight soundproofing effect when installed under a concrete screed or parquet board. It reduces the impact of steps so that the neighbors below cannot hear them but does not drown out the music and other loud sounds. The cork floor is durable, crack-resistant, and, if impregnated, is also waterproof.


Home gym lighting plays an essential role in its comfort. Please make the lighting adjustable. During intense activities, you can set up bright lighting, and during quiet ones with light exertion, dim the lights. Installation of spotlights, evenly distributed on the ceiling, is optimal. The light scatters, does not give harsh shadows, and thanks to a spectrum similar to natural, it does not strain the eyes. Mirrors will act as an additional accessory in the lighting of the sports hall in your home. A large frameless mirror mounted on one of the walls can visually expand the room and create a sense of perspective.

Best Eco-Friendly Home Gym Equipment

No matter how carefully you plan your home interior design when designing a gym, the main thing will still be selecting sports equipment. What can be installed in a home gym:

  • Cardio equipment is the most affordable and safest. Their primary function is to strengthen the cardiovascular system, reduce weight. Cardiovascular equipment includes steppers, treadmills, exercise bikes.
  • Steppers simulate a person climbing stairs. They are compact and mobile, and most importantly, easy to use.
  • Exercise bikes are one of the greenest and most common types of home exercise equipment. It is a little bulkier than the stepper, but it has much broader functionality.
  • The treadmill is a giant exercise machine, but the benefits of training on it are also very tangible.

We should also mention weight machines. However, most models are large enough, so it is very problematic to place them in a home gym. If your gym is cramped, you will have to limit your workouts to exercises with dumbbells and a barbell. We should not forget such seemingly simple things as a horizontal bar, wall bars, resistance bands, or a gymnastic ball. They do not take up much space, but they may well diversify the sports program.

Cleaning gym equipment at home

The most elementary types of equipment also need cleanliness. All dumbbells, barbells, and even floor mats are used and accumulate a relatively large layer of dust. The basic rule is that at the end of the workout, a person needs to wipe parts of the equipment that he used. It applies to handles, dumbbells, and other sports equipment. Naturally, this should not be done with your towel, preferably a disposable one or a soft damp cloth designed for this purpose. Gyms usually have an available container. It is better to take one at home in advance. General cleaning should take place at least once a week. In caring for sports equipment, it is necessary to adhere to sanitary standards, regularly clean, and follow the operation rules, due to which the equipment can serve for a long time.

Most coaches say that exercising at home is just as good as exercising in the gym. Sports at home can be organized professionally and efficiently, especially if you choose a sustainable home gym.

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