Teach your dog to roll over partially on command

Teach your dog to roll over partially (perhaps use the cue word SIDE) on command. If your dog is taught as a trick, and he enjoys doing it, you will be able to use this to not only help the vet see underneath your dog, but also to communicate a fun message to your dog. Learn the command SIDE in chapter 15.

A very important skill for your dog to know is the STAND command. Practice this once daily and work your dog up to being able to hold a two-minute STAND. This will build patience, self-control, and tolerance—all skills your dog will need for the grooming table!

Don’t question the groomer! Your dog will need to take direction from someone other than you. Regular obedience training practice in combination with touch desensitization exercises will keep the groomer happy

Yes, dogs can meet and learn to play together! But remember, if the leaders are not telling them how to meet and play, their instincts will tell them how to do it, and things could get confrontational. Establishing good meeting habits is important and should be given special attention as a handler. Have your greeting etiquette override your dog’s genetic instincts!

Dogs do not need to play rough with each other to enjoy being in each other’s company. Teach them that other dogs are not a toy! They should learn to play with (inanimate) toys when with each other

Lastly comment

Don’t let your dog play with or even meet every dog he sees. This promotes an expectation that can cause your dog to become too excitable and hyper each time he sees another dog. This expectation from your dog can lead to unmanageability, excessive barking, and uncontrollable pulling on a leash.

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