The Best Home Appliances Movers: How The Moving Of Appliances Is Done

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So how the moving of appliances is done?

When it is time to move, one of the objects that can generate the greatest concern is moving large objects such as appliances. Although this equipment is large and resistant, it must also be treated with great care.

Of course, the transfer of these is not something we will do alone. Commercial Moving Companies in NYC have specialized machinery to make the job easier. Read on below to find out how the best home appliances movers move appliances.

How to wrap appliances for a move

Appliances make life easier for us. So they are one of the first things we think of when we move in. As we do not want them to suffer damage, they must be moved correctly—both the largest and the smallest. Let’s see how Commercial Movers NYC does it.

Refrigerator and cooker

To lighten the weight of the refrigerator and handle it better, it is necessary to defrost it a day before so that the engine is cold. Also, make sure to vacate the spaces in it.

In the case of the kitchen, disassemble the parts that you can and wrap them separately. It is good not to have used it a few hours before moving.

Washing machine

Both the washing machine and any other appliance involving water should be checked, ensuring that it is completely dry. The water pipes and hoses should be stored in part. In this way, the drum will remain firm during transport. In the same way, it is convenient to cover it with some blankets or a special blanket to protect it further.


Unplug everything connected, roll up the cables, and store them in a plastic bag. Cover it with a soft material like foam rubber or fabric, and then wrap it in bubble wrap for added protection.

Store it in a box so that it is fixed. If you do not have a suitable box for its size, you can use two cards that cover it both in front and behind and join them with adhesive tape or some rope.

Microwave oven

You must disconnect the equipment at least one day before so that it rests. Then, remove the turntable to wrap it in plastic or soft paper, roll up the cables, and cover the front so it won’t get scratched. For storage, choose a box and place it in it so that it is fixed and sealed with adhesive tape.

Smaller appliances

Smaller but equally valuable appliances will be easier to store. Be it a coffee maker, blender, or toaster. They should be cleaned and dried well before being wrapped in bubble wrap with air and stored in properly marked boxes.

As already mentioned at the beginning of this post, household appliances are objects of great value. However, it is not professional people who make the correct transfer. No matter how careful we have been when wrapping them, there will always be risks of damage. Call Jacob’s Express for Commercial Movers in NYC. 

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